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  • Pokémon VGC

In Progress

Metronome Melee66thatguyinabeanie
VGC Kingdom Tour #1 (NAIC Prep) 34VGC Kingdom

Next 7 days

LoTV S/V Rumble!Lily of the Valley3 Registrations
PokePal Smackdown #9MI PokéPals8 Registrations
OHKO Club Reg D PracticeOHKO Club3 / 24 Registrations
Corner Clash #2VGC Corner5 Registrations
DragonRage Tour #2 (REG D)DragonRageVGC18 Registrations
Nino Scarlet/Violet FF #69NinoPokeBros67 Registrations
Torneo de Poder VGC #4 (REGULATION D)Torneo de Poder VGC12 / 64 Registrations
[Regulation D] Time Traveler Championship #3Lucarioex55513 Registrations
★ PKWorlds: Hoenn Qualifier (VGC) ★Professor Kai30 Registrations
CU Summer Session #1CU VGC0 Registrations
Taiwan Friendly CupPsyR&R17 / 128 Registrations
Tomodachi Challenge #4 Reg DTomodachi Game7 Registrations
Reg D Intro TournamentMU VGC Club4 Registrations
[PFC] VGC Monthly #1Pokemon Fan Club (PFC)1 Registration
Poké Volt Club WeeklyPoké Volt Club2 Registrations
Tommy's Tuesday Practice TourThomas Hayden3 Registrations

Past 7 days

Tri-Attack Freeze battles #18 (REGULATION D)Tri-Attack Freeze22
𝗡𝗲𝗺𝗲 𝗪𝗲𝗲𝗸𝗹𝘆 𝗥𝗘𝗚 𝗗. 𝗧𝗼𝘂𝗿 🏆#𝟯𝟭IRGamers38
Tommy's Tuesday Practice TourThomas Hayden34
It's NAIC time boiiiisVGC Trainers School5
MausTour Weekly 3.1MausTour19
Deagle's Beagle Battles #19 - REDO!Deagle's Beagle Battles (VGC)14
OHKO Club Reg D PracticeOHKO Club11
OHKO Club Reg D PracticeOHKO Club7
VGC 2023; Fire Blast Fresno! VGC Trainers School32
Deagle's Beagle Battles #18 - $10 Cash Reg CDeagle's Beagle Battles (VGC)8
Regulation D TournamentCinnabar Battle Academy9
Battle Tree Regulation D Showdown ChallengeBattle Tree19
Zero 2 Rio Tour #2 (REG D)Zero 2 Rio29
Torneo de Poder VGC #3Torneo de Poder VGC41
★ PKWorlds: Johto Qualifier (VGC) ★Professor Kai52
LoTV June OpenLily of the Valley27