StrengthBox Sundays

Hello VGC competitors,

StrengthBox Sundays will be hosted by myself HM4coach and good friend LunchB0xPlays.

The goal of StrengthBox Sundays is to help grow and promote the VGC grassroots community as well as individual VGC competitors with relevant top cuts and tournament victories.

Our first tournament will be hosted next Sunday March 31st at 4:30 MDT and will be a custom VGC format leaning toward what we speculate to be the Regulation G format. Single restricted+Pokémon that were available in the Regulation F format.

From that point forward we will continue to host Reg G style tournaments on Sundays until TPCi makes the Official Regulation G ruleset announcements.

Thank you and GLHF!



Strength Box Sunday/ Regulation G Tour #36
Strength Box Sunday/ Regulation G Tournament11
Strength Box Sunday/Speculation Regulation G Tour13