VGC Trainers School

VGC Trainer School

We are a Pokemon VGC oriented community that is dedicated to creating a space for players to be able to team build, discuss strategies and then put those skills to use.

Our goal is to build the VGC scene and assist members in preparing for the Championship Series in-person events such as Regionals, International Championships and World Championships as best as possible.

We host Tournaments, Teambuilding Seminars, Meta Discussions and we provide a forum for members to be able to discuss all things Pokemon in order to build on their skills to perform well.

We also have a Draft League for others not looking for the traditional VGC style play but are still looking for a way to get involved in the community.

For any VGC practice tournaments we will follow all rules located in the official VGC rulebook located here:

Our admins are standing by ready to answer any questions you might have.



VGC 2023; Flame Wheel Fort Wayne Regionals!21 / 120 Registrations


VGC 2023; Close Combat Charlotte regionals!64
VGC 2023; Valiant Vancouver practice99
VGC 2023 Knoxville regionals practice74
VGCTS Oceania Internationals Prep Tour30
VGCTS Liverpool Regional Prep Tournament73
VGC Trainer School Jan 2023 Monthly Tournament14