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Hey there! Welcome to my Pokémon VGC tournaments profile! My name is Kai! People call me Professor Kai! This world is inhabited by Pokémon players who like to compete for fun and to make friends in the community. For some players it is to improve their skills and to gain prizes. Other just want to be the very best. Myself... I organise Pokémon VGC tournaments as a passion.

The community

From day 1 of hosting I knew that I wanted to build up a friendly community of players that support each other and of course can engage in some healthy VGC tournaments. My discord server is open to anyone joining or wishing to join the tournaments whether they are new players or seasoned veterans, everyone is welcome and we are happy to teach new players. When you join the discord, you should be brought to the #Rules channel where you can find important information on rules of the server as well as how the tournaments work and so much more. Feel free to use the channels available and you are welcome to DM myself or an Admin should you not wish to ask something in a channel, however we have people from all around the world active in the server who are happy to help!

The Tournaments

As I am in the UK, the tournaments tend to be scheduled around European time zones, usually starting at 15:00(BST), 17:00(BST) or 19:00(BST), however everyone is welcome to join if able to! In the tournaments I host, you can earn Professor Kai Points aka. PKPs. As the saying goes, points mean prizes!

Current series: ★ PKWorlds 2024 ★

Professor Kai Worlds (PKWorlds) consists of 12 tournaments. These are 9 qualifiers and 3 specials (regulations will update at the same time as TCPi), all of which will award you Professor Kai Points (PKPs) based on your placement. There will also be a few "side events" such as Pokémon quizzes and mini tournaments where you can earn a small amount of PKPs.

★ Getting an invite to PKWorlds: Winning a qualifier will get you an automatic invite to PKWorlds. Coming top 4 in a special will get you an automatic invite to PKWorlds. Earning 20PKPs overall will gain you entry to PKWorlds.

★ Qualifiers (Q.): Winner gets invite to PKWorlds. Anyone can enter, no player cap.

★ Specials (S.): Top 4 receive invite to PKWorlds. Code needed to enter – must have played in 1 qualifier

I look forward to seeing you in an upcoming tournament!



IRLNorwich VGC May Midseason Showdown3 / 40 Registrations
IRLAlbion Games Café: Pokémon Trainer Thursday0 / 40 Registrations
★ PKWorlds: S. Hisui (VGC) ★2 Registrations


★ PKWorlds: Q. Paldea '24 (VGC) ★31
Albion Games Café: Pokémon Trainer Thursday4
★ PKWorlds: Q. Galar '24 (VGC) ★72
★ PKWorlds: Q. Alola '24 (VGC) ★35
★ PKWorlds: S. Pasio (VGC) ★14
★ PKWorlds: Q. Kalos '24 (VGC) ★32
★ PKWorlds: Q. Unova '24 (VGC) ★63
★ PKWorlds: Q. Sinnoh '24 (VGC) ★21
Pokémon Day Week x ★PKWorlds★118
★ PKWorlds: S. Orre (VGC) ★36
★ PKWorlds: Q. Hoenn '24 (VGC) ★57
★ PKWorlds: Q. Johto '24 (VGC) ★82
★ PKWorlds: Q. Kanto '24 (VGC) ★75
💥 Professor Kai's New Years Reg F Tour💥114
✧ Indigo Plateau Elite 8: Series Final ✧8
🎂 Professor Kai’s 1 Year Anniversary Tour 🎂18
✧ The Earth Badge (VGC) ✧22
✧ The Volcano Badge (VGC) ✧56
✧ The Marsh Badge (VGC) ✧38
✧ The Soul Badge (VGC) ✧51
✧ The Rainbow Badge (VGC) ✧38
✧ The Thunder Badge (VGC) ✧35
✧ The Cascade Badge (VGC) ✧54
✧ The Boulder Badge (VGC) ✧39
★ PKWorlds (VGC) ★ 42
★ PKWorlds: Oblivia Special (VGC) ★11
★ Prof. Kai's Casual Tournament ★29
★ PKWorlds: Paldea Qualifer (VGC) ★73
★ PKWorlds: Galar Qualifer (VGC) ★97
★ PKWorlds: Alola Qualifer (VGC) ★42
★ PKWorlds: Almia Special (VGC) ★17
★ PKWorlds: Kalos Qualifer (VGC) ★77
★ PKWorlds: Unova Qualifer (VGC) ★80
★ PKWorlds: Sinnoh Qualifer (VGC) ★41
★ PKWorlds: Fiore Special (VGC) ★10
★ PKWorlds: Hoenn Qualifier (VGC) ★48
★ PKWorlds: Johto Qualifier (VGC) ★52
★ PKWorlds: Kanto Qualifer (VGC) ★52
Eeveelution Extravaganza (VGC)8
The Vaporeon Cup (VGC)57
The Umbreon Cup (VGC)40
The Togepi Special (VGC)61
The Sylveon Cup (VGC)90
The Leafeon Cup (VGC)59
The Jolteon Cup (VGC)74
The Luvdisc Special (VGC)50
The Glaceon Cup (VGC)78
The Gimmighoul Special (VGC)48
The Flareon Cup (VGC)86
The Espeon Cup (VGC)177
The Eevee Cup (VGC)23
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