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LiveSunny's Weekly #1864SunnyGames
Live🌿Excalibur Tuesday - Cup LXIV #6439Excalibur

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LiveAFD Season 1 MIDPOINTAfterDark eSports43 Registrations
Live🏢Practice tournament #41(JP reg.)Garnai Cup10 / 40 Registrations
Live🐶Husky PTCGO Tournament : Theme deckPTCGO-ID2 Registrations
LiveTorédo Cup September #5 CZ/SK onlyTorédo4 Registrations
Live Atlas Collectables FunnyBunny Season 4 #4Atlas Championship Series2 Registrations
Live🐉Excalibur Wednesday - Cup LXV #65Excalibur8 Registrations
LiveChill Series #49 - 300 EVS - FREE ENTRY!!!Chill TCG150 / 600 Registrations
LiveYZYSERIES 1: Mental Might Only ConyeezyTournaments8 Registrations
LiveTest Drive JORNADA #01corvim super tournaments3 Registrations
LiveYOS-EFI 'Thursday Madness' Season 3 #4Yos-Efi32 Registrations
LiveGordo's Games Thursday local 30/09Gordo's Games10 / 32 Registrations
IRLRule Zero's Heroes SwSh > EVS #5Rule Zero12 Registrations
LiveCarteado Special - Commander (FREE)Carteado Sônico7 Registrations
LiveZulu's 9/30! Webcam Event!Zulu's1 Registration
LiveSouth Korea Series #0Quadmaxi6 Registrations
LiveDanglers Expanded Single PrizeDragonsDanglers8 / 60 Registrations
LivePáteční noční turnaj # 5 (zdarma) KankuraSensei4 Registrations
LiveATLAS x Battle Factory - Peladão da Baixada #27Atlas Championship Series5 Registrations
LiveYuuSha CUP #4 - 1500 EVS !!! (FREE)DianZhang96 / 1000 Registrations
IRLFTG Standard MonthlyJason Annichiarico21 / 49 Registrations
LiveFarewell to Legacy (310packs)(FreeEntry)LordAvalon10 Registrations
LiveZero Cup #1 - FREE EntryZero TCG7 Registrations
LiveThe Sunday OpenThe Sunday Open27 Registrations
LiveATLAS - Turtwig Den Series Challenge 2Atlas Championship Series7 Registrations
Live❄️Excalibur Monday - Cup LXVI #66Excalibur0 Registrations
LiveN2's Gnarly Nights [Free 50 EVS Packs; More]Zach Lowman5 Registrations
LiveATLAS x Battle Factory - POKÉPAUPER Mondays #17Atlas Championship Series3 Registrations
LiveLate Night Series #9 | FREE 100 EVSZach Lesage Events0 Registrations
LiveAustraliaTCG Series #47AustraliaTCG9 Registrations

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AustraliaTCG Series #46AustraliaTCG58
Late Night Series #8 | FREE 100 EVSZach Lesage Events223
Monday Night POKÉPAUPER #016 | Sponsored by AtlasBattle Factory & Poképauper BR11
N2's Gnarly NightsZach Lowman33
❄️Excalibur Monday - Cup LXIII #63Excalibur40
PTCGO League's Theme from the PastPTCGO League8
ATLAS - Turtwig Den Series Challenge 1Atlas Championship Series33
Sunday Weekly #5: The Finale! [Insane Prizing!!!]Unlisted Lobby Tournaments89
StealthShampoo Showdown: EVS - Booster Box prizes!StealthShampoo17
The Journey League #7 (Formato JORNADA)Shuffle & Tap6
Gordo's Games Chaosmon Cup 26/09Gordo's Games17
Bubbles Cup Qualifier #2Bubbles Tournaments36
PTCG Webcam Series #1Keegan Bosch5
The Sunday OpenThe Sunday Open187
Sableye Series #1The Sableyes87
LA Series 25 Expanded Rank 2 (62Packs)(FreeEntry)LordAvalon20
LIGA INTER - LCQ| Sponsored by AtlasLiga Inter49
Rick's Tournament #20 - Cerulean GymRickPalmeira10
"What If" Series #1 (Standard + Ditto Prism) Vi$un's Battle Arena7
$1,000 CASH (Free!) GGtoor Chill TCG Showdown #5GGtoor294
JumpBoost OpenPokéTommy16
Illumis Cup #1 - FIRST EVENT !KinZo'15
Evolving Skies PTCGO OpenKahuna Koala32
Peladão da Baixada #26 | Sponsored by AtlasBattle Factory & Poképauper BR22
PokéStats Standard 11 [FREE] 100+ PACK PRIZE POOLPokéStats137
Goodbye Mod Theme </3PTCG Battle Arena4
Sexta da Maldade #1 - Marnie FA [FREE]Turminha do Sal28
Páteční noční turnaj # 4 (zdarma) KankuraSensei15
FREE Expanded Tournament The Dice Town League46
Danglers x 3 set - Expanded SPDragonsDanglers10
Special Friday - !!! 2 boss FA 2 marnie FAYos-Efi24
Southeast Asia Open #21 Pokemon Philippines61
BOOM! Zulu's Webcam Locals 9/23Zulu's19
Master Ball #11 Series #2 + GOLD QUICKBALLThe Shuffle Squad182
Carteado Special - 100 EVS Theme Format (FREE)Carteado Sônico25
YOS-EFI 'Thursday Madness' Season 3 #3Yos-Efi78
Gordo's Games Thursday Locals 23/09Gordo's Games18
Rule Zero's Heroes SwSh > EVS #4Rule Zero21
AustraliaTCG: Wild's Depo Finals!AustraliaTCG14
FTG Wednesday WeeklyJason Annichiarico11
Chill Series #48 - 300 EVS - FREE ENTRY!!!Chill TCG403
🐉Excalibur Wednesday - Cup LXII #62Excalibur20
Atlas Collectables FunnyBunny Season 4 #3FunnyBunny Tournaments52
Torédo Cup September #4 CZ/SK onlyTorédo12
🎓Practice tournament #40SP (JP reg.)Garnai Cup54
AFD Weekly #4AfterDark eSports56