PTCGO League's Unlimited Singleton Showdown
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Organized by PTCGO League
Custom format
Special Rules
  • Singleton
Pokémon TCG Online


Free Entry | All Players Welcome!

Hosted by PTCGO League & Card Cavern Trading Cards

Matches are played on the Pokemon TCG Online application.


  1. Please review this page carefully. If this is your first tournament, click here to learn about participation in events on the Limitless online platform. We want you to have a successful tournament!

  2. Register and submit a valid decklist prior to the published start time.

  3. Complete Tournament Check-In (opens 30 minutes prior to the start of the event).

Deck Guide

PTCGO Unlimited Format -- You may use any cards currently available in the PTCGO game. There are no banned cards!

Singleton Rule -- You cannot have more than 1 copy of each Pokemon, Trainer, and Special Energy card in your deck. (Basic Energy allowed in any quantity.)


This event is played live in one sitting. You can find the complete tournament structure at the bottom of this page. Please keep your Limitless Dashboard open during the event.

Check In Policy: CHECK IN is required for each individual round. If you are not present and communicating with your opponent within the first 5 minutes, you'll receive the game loss. In an effort to ensure as many players as possible are paired with active opponents, those who fail to check in with no sign of being present may be dropped without warning. If you miss the start of a round by accident but still intend to play in future rounds, it's your responsibility to contact the organizer/judge and make them aware that you wish to continue in the event.

Deck Sharing ON: The Deck List Sharing feature must always be turned ON in the game settings.

Match Timers ON: When you challenge your opponent you must always enable the Timed Match option.

Going First/Second: The winner of the coin flip decides who goes first for Game 1.  For Games 2 & 3 in best-of-three matches, the loser of the prior game gets to decide who goes first.  (In cases where the winner of the previous game wins the coin flip and selects the wrong option by accident, the opponent is entitled to request a restart of the affected game.)

Game Loss Due to Connectivity Issues / Player Mistakes: It is league policy that each game that is initiated should count toward the match outcome. Some unfortunate situations may arise during gameplay — a player’s game may end due to internet/connectivity issues; or they may mistakenly choose the wrong deck or disregard a special gameplay rule.  In those cases, that player should accept the game loss.

Slowplay/Stalling: Players are expected to take actions at a reasonable pace. It is not allowed to purposely waste time by repeatedly running down the timer or doing actions that don't impact the game state. Intentionally slowplaying is considered an unsporting conduct and should be reported (with screenshots if possible).

Incomplete Matches: At the end of a scheduled round, any incomplete matches will be automatically scored a double loss (or tie where applicable).

Need Help?: If you have any questions or concerns during the event, use the Request a Judge button here on Limitless or get in touch with rabidragon#3983 on Discord.


Prizes are PTCGO in-game packs listed below.

1st: 25 Crown Zenith
2nd: 15 Crown Zenith
3rd-4th: 5 Crown Zenith

Prizing will be arranged via in-game trade shortly after the conclusion of the event by rabidragon#3983 on the league's Discord Server.

Tournament sponsored by Card Cavern Trading Cards.

Tournament Structure

Swiss Rounds
3 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
2 players advance to the next phase
1 Single Elimination Round - BO1
35 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0