PTCGO League

Welcome to PTCGO League! We host a variety of tournaments, including all TCG sanctioned formats and our own custom formats with unique deck rules. Entry is always free and everyone is welcome to participate!

It is important to join the league's Discord Server so that you get important announcements & tournament updates.

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In Progress

24hBudget Badge Quest: Morty's Challenge21
24hA Season in Focus 4: PRC-BUS15


24hBudget Badge Quest: Chuck's Challenge21 Registrations
24hPTCGO League's Starter Series #413 Registrations
24hBudget Badge Quest: Jasmine's Challenge1 Registration
24hBudget Badge Quest: Pryce's Challenge0 Registrations
24hBudget Badge Quest: Clair's Challenge1 Registration


Lost Origin Booster Battle [Free Entry]8
Card Cavern Special Event: Lost Origin Ladder64
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S2 Finals13
PTCGO League's Starter Series #319
Budget Badge Quest: Whitney's Challenge19
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S2 - #6 (FREE)91
Baby Standard (Single-Prize, No Rule Box)38
Budget Badge Quest: Bugsy's Challenge14
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S2 - #5 (FREE)82
Budget Badge Quest: Falkner's Challenge21
PTCGO League's Starter Series #219
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S2 - #4 (FREE)110
Version Exclusives12
Catch & Evolve12
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S2 - #3 (FREE)121
A Season in Focus 3: PRC-GRI20
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S2 - #2 (FREE)132
PTCGO League's Starter Series #125
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S2 - #1 (FREE)71
Regional Variations: Alolan, Galarian & Hisuian10
Eeveelutions Event (3-Day Rounds) [FREE]17
A Season in Focus 2: PRC-SUM18
Astral Radiance Booster Battle [Free Entry]13
GLC Counter-Pick (GLC Battle League)20
Astral Radiance Launch Event [Free Entry]63
Smokescreen (Mirror Series)11
Risk Taker (Mirror Series)11
Sky Battles (Free Entry)18
GLC Battle League Kickoff! (Gym Leader Challenge)23
A Season in Focus: PRC-EVO14
Team Plasma Takeover8
Charizard Challenge (Free Entry)13
The Old Guard -- Expanded minus Standard14
Alolan Tools Party (Mirror Series)16
Single-Type Showdown GX (Free Entry)10
Brilliant Stars Booster Battle (3-Day Rounds)18
PTCGO Modern EX (Free Entry; 40 BRS Prizing)12
PTCGO Theme (Free Entry; 40 BRS Prizing)24
PTCGO Expanded (Free Entry; 120 BRS Prizing)37
Rule of Three (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniversary)21
Isle of Armor (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniversary)16
Single-Type Showdown (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniv.)28
Eyes on the Prize (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniv.)13
Little Cup (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniversary)16
Math Brawl (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniversary)12
Ten-Set Scramble (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniversary)16
PTCGO League's Singleton Shootout (Gold Switch)9
Diglett Wars (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniversary)19
Binary Theme (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniversary)25
Professor's Challenge (PTCGO League 2-Year Anniv.)30
An Expanded Christmas with PTCGO League [Free]30
A Standard Christmas with PTCGO League [Free]74
Bullet Tournament (Standard, Expanded, Theme)18
Ball Guy's Challenge (3-Day Rounds) [Free]25
PTCGO League's Champion Challenge 202118
Single-Type Showdown EX (Free Entry; 70 FST)13
Isle of Armor 2.0: Single v Rapid Strike8
Fusion Strike Launch Event (3-Day Rounds)61
Trainer Battle Decks: Brock v Misty (3-Day Rounds)13
Celebrations: Flying Pikachu (3-Day Rounds) [FREE]7
Sun & Moon - Lost Thunder21
HeartGold & SoulSilver - Noble Victories7
Primal Clash - Guardians Rising6
Rabidragon's Raichu Unlimited Event5
PTCGO Generations Event (Best-of-5 Match Play)14
PTCGO League's Theme from the Past8
PTCGO League's Theme Unleashed!12
Deaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen #539
PTCGO League's Theme Stack20
PTCGO League's Theme Banlist Tournament21
PTCGO League Standard Post-Rotation (Free Entry)170
PTCGO League's Theme Select (3-Day Rounds)31
Deaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen #447
Budget Expanded Event (3-Day Rounds)32
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 Grand Finals20
Deaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen #325
PTCGO League Summer Series VIII (UPR-RCL)27
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #6 (FREE)40
Lightning Event: Order Pad Challenge (FREE)13
Pokemon Unite TCG Tournament (3-Day Rounds)26
Deaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen #229
PTCGO League Summer Series VII (SUM-UNB)24
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #5 (FREE)165
Little Cup29
Deaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen35
PTCGO League Summer Series VI (BKT-CES)30
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #4 (FREE)157
Isle of Armor Event: Single Strike v Rapid Strike21
Chilling Reign Booster Battle (Free Entry)25
PTCGO League Summer Series V (PRC-BUS)25
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #3 (FREE)91
Bats & Snow Foxes Do Puzzles (Mirror Series)24
PTCGO League's 2-Hour Standard Singleton20
PTCGO League's 2-Hour Standard Monotype17
PTCGO League's 2-Hour Standard Single Prize20
PTCGO League Summer Series IV (XY-STS)28
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #2 (FREE)168
PTCGO League Summer Series III (BCR-ROS)20
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: Season 1 - #193
PTCGO League Summer Series II (NXD-FLF)20
Eyes on the Prize (Mirror Series)26
Hidden Fates GX Deck Tournament (members only)25
PTCGO League Summer Series I (BLW-PLF)21
PTCGO League: Sword & Shield Live! (SR Quick Ball)51
Bug Slugfest (Mirror Series)24
Battle Styles Launch Event (Standard, Free Entry!)125
Flying Frenzy (Mirror Series)31
Deck Devastation24
Duel of the Duos (Mirror Series)13
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