PTCGO League

Welcome to PTCGO League! Our community participates in a wide variety of tournaments - including all TCG sanctioned formats as well as our own unique formats with custom deck rules. Entry is always free and everyone is welcome to participate!

It is important to join the league's Discord Server. Our league uses Discord as the primary method to deliver tournament updates to the community. This is also where you'll find the entry codes needed to register for our events.

PTCGO League is sponsored by Card Cavern Trading Cards



In Progress

24hPTCGO League Summer Series VII (SUM-UNB)24PTCGO League
24hLittle Cup29PTCGO League
24hPTCGO League Summer Series VI (BKT-CES)30PTCGO League


LiveDeaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen #28 Registrations
24hPokemon Unite TCG Tournament (3-Day Rounds)8 Registrations
LiveCard Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #6 (FREE)0 Registrations
24hPTCGO League Summer Series VIII (UPR-RCL)7 Registrations


Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #5 (FREE)165
Deaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen35
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #4 (FREE)157
Isle of Armor Event: Single Strike v Rapid Strike21
Chilling Reign Booster Battle (Free Entry)25
PTCGO League Summer Series V (PRC-BUS)25
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #3 (FREE)91
Bats & Snow Foxes Do Puzzles (Mirror Series)24
PTCGO League's 2-Hour Standard Singleton20
PTCGO League's 2-Hour Standard Monotype17
PTCGO League's 2-Hour Standard Single Prize20
PTCGO League Summer Series IV (XY-STS)28
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: S1 - #2 (FREE)168
PTCGO League Summer Series III (BCR-ROS)20
Card Cavern Trading Cards Series: Season 1 - #193
PTCGO League Summer Series II (NXD-FLF)20
Eyes on the Prize (Mirror Series)26
Hidden Fates GX Deck Tournament (members only)25
PTCGO League Summer Series I (BLW-PLF)21
PTCGO League: Sword & Shield Live! (SR Quick Ball)51
Bug Slugfest (Mirror Series)24
Battle Styles Launch Event (Standard, Free Entry!)125
Flying Frenzy (Mirror Series)31
Deck Devastation24
Duel of the Duos (Mirror Series)13
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