Hatterene Series SV #2 APAC
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Organized by Hatterene Series
Scarlet & Violet - Regulation B
Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the first Scarlet and Violet Hatterene Series!

This tournament series is intended to welcome women, non-binary, and agender people into competitive Pokémon and to create a safe space for them within the community.

Anyone who identifies as a woman, non-binary, or agender is welcome.

Please make sure you are in the Discord to receive more information! https://discord.com/invite/T4YteDQ

Event Format:

2 Day Event Day 1 Swiss Day 2 Top Cut (X-2 cut) Open Teamsheet format

Pokemon ‘Official Rules 1’ in game on Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

  • Official Rules 1, Series 2 format: https://www.serebii.net/scarletviolet/rankedbattle/series2.shtml
  • Open Teamsheet format
  • Check in will begin at: 7:00PM Eastern/11:AM AEDT
  • Round 1 will begin approximately at: 8:15PM Eastern/12:15PM AEDT
  • Best of 3, Swiss rounds for Day 1, Top Cut of X-2 advances to Day 2 (2 or less losses)
  • Day 2 will begin approximately at: 8:00PM Eastern/12:00PM AEDT
  • Rental teams are allowed
  • You may not change or edit your team throughout the tournament
  • Submit your teamsheet on limitless. For help submitting tag @Temporal#4831 in #tournament-help in the Discord

Team Discrepancies </3>

Team sheets must include: Pokemon (form), Tera Type, Ability, Held Item, Moveset

It is the PLAYER'S RESPONSIBILITY to provide a full and accurate team sheet. If a discrepancy is found BEFORE a match begins, call a judge, and match the in game team to the submitted team list.
If a discrepancy is found DURING a game, continue the game, and CALL A JUDGE. If the player does have a discrepancy between their in game team and submitted team list, they will RECIEVE A LOSS for that game.

Other Rules:

You will contact your opponent through Limitless. If your opponent has responded in chat but fails to click the 'check in' button within the match within the time allotted, please call a judge to your match.

Please connect to your opponent using Union Circle! If you are unsure how to do so please feel free to ask and we can assist.

You may not register under an alias. Please register with your main account/online name. If it is suspected that you have registered under an alias the tournament organizers have the right to verify you are who you say you are using, but not limited to: Asking other known players to verify or asking for an active social media.

If you are a parent, please let us know via the Discord (DM Temporal#4831 or Terrbear#3165)

Due to Limitless and Discord's terms of service, if you are under 13 years old you cannot play, even with parent supervision

Please make sure you have provided your Discord (with the numbers)

If you are streaming your run, we ask that you make sure the chat stays respectful towards your opponent. We understand that we do not control your stream nor the people who chat in it, but we still want to make sure that this tournament is a safe space.

Be respectful. This is meant to be a welcoming environment, and any rude comments or harassment will not be tolerated

If you are banned from the Discord server you will not be allowed to participate in the tournament

Please let Terran or Alyssa know if you have any questions or concerns

Tournament Structure

Swiss Hatt
6 Swiss Rounds - BO3
60 minutes per round
10 minute round check-in
players with 4 or more points advance to the next phase
Hatt 5 Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0