Hatterene Series

About Us

The Hatterene Series is a tournament series created to welcome women, non-binary, and agender people into the Pokémon community, along with creating a safe space for them within competitive gaming.



Hatterene Series SV #3 X Pokémon Day Week68
Hattrem Training - January 202416
Hattrem Training - September 238
Hatterene Barcelona Warm-Up Tour7
Hatterene Pittsburgh Warm-Up Tour22
Hatterene Rainbow Wrath (Tournament 2)22
Hatterene Rainbow Wrath (Tournament 1)13
Hatterene Series EUIC Prep Tour16
Misora's 4th Monthly SV showdown7
Misora's 3rd Hatt Series SV Showdown29
Hatterene Series SV #2 APAC48
Hatterene Series SV #188
Misora's SV Hatterene Tour #222
Misora's First SV Hatterene Tour17
Hatterene Series #539
Hatterene Series Pokemon GO9
Krystal Charity Event71
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