Spear Pillar Spring 2022 Open #2
Organized by Spear Pillar VGC
VGC 2022 (Series 12)

This is the second open of the Spear Pillar Spring 2022 Circuit. This tournament will give more invitational points than our cups. The invitational points will be distributed as follows

1st – 100 2nd – 50 Top 4 – 25 Top 8 – 15 Top 16+ – 10

This tournament will be played in the VGC Series 12 format with closed team sheets. Swiss rounds will be played on July 2nd, and Top cut will be played on the following day, July 3rd.

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Tournament Structure

Spear Pillar Spring 2022 Open #2 Swiss
6 Swiss Rounds - BO3
60 minutes per round
no round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0