Spear Pillar VGC

Welcome to Spear Pillar!

Spear Pillar is an online grassroots Pokémon VGC circuit, consisting of two different levels of events, the Spear Pillar Cup and Spear Pillar Open, in which players can earn Spear Points in order to be invited to the end of season Invitational

Spear Pillar Event Information Document: Event Info

Spear Points and Invitational Information

Players earn Spear Points by performing well at Spear Pillar events.

Players in the Top 16 of Spear Points by the end of the season (date TBD) will be invited to play in the Spear Pillar Invitational on (date TBD).

Only players who have an X-2 or better record will receive Spear Points. Those who have an X-2 record and place lower than Top 16 will receive Top 16 Spear Points.

Spear Pillar Events

Spear Pillar Cup

The Spear Pillar Cup is the smaller of the two events, held more frequently and yielding less Spear Points.

Spear Points
1st - 50
2nd - 25
Top 4 - 15
Top 8 - 10
Top 16+ - 5

Spear Pillar Open

The Spear Pillar Cup is the larger of the two events, held less frequently and yielding more Spear Points.

Spear Points
1st - 100
2nd - 75
Top 4 - 50
Top 8 - 25
Top 16+ - 15



LiveSpear Pillar Spring 2022 Open #216 / 64 Registrations


Spear Pillar Spring 2022 Cup #117