GLC Counter-Pick (GLC Battle League)
Organized by PTCGO League
Gym Leader Challenge format

Important: You will need two decks for this event. The entry code is found in the registration form.


Free entry, open to all players! Tournament is sponsored by Card Cavern Trading Cards

Please join the PTCGO League Discord Server!

About the GLC Battle League:

For those interested in the Gym Leader Challenge format, we are running a special 3-month GLC Battle League. Participants are invited to play as often as their schedule permits. We will be keeping a leaderboard, with the top players invited to a finals tournament in July. Hosted by MikeIsMyIke on the PTCGO League Discord Server.

Please review the tournament rules & structure outlined below.


Register for the tournament here on Limitless prior to the start of the event. Submit your two decks via this form.

Since we are opening registration a week out, you'll also need to complete Check-In (opens 48 hours prior to the start time) to confirm that you intend to play.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a live event! Players will have 3 days to complete each best-of-3 match with their opponent. Players are responsible for timely contact with their opponent to coordinate a time to play. If you are miss check-in or are unresponsive to messages from your opponents or the organizers, you will receive the match loss.


Astral Radiance cards are permitted.

This tournament features unique "counter-pick" rules. Each player submits two decklists via the online form, where you can also see the code/password. Each deck must follow the current rules of the Gym Leader Challenge format. Out of the three games in a 'Best of 3' round, the loser of a game may change to their other submitted deck for the next game. The winner of a game must use the same deck in the next game.

Strategically, it might be a good idea to create different decks to cover more advantageous matchups. Or perhaps you just have two fantastic decks that you think should overpower the competition. Whether it be from weakness matchups, game pace, or strategic counterplay, there's a great variety of ways you can use two decks in synergy.

As an example, the three games of a round may sequence as follows:

  • Before playing: Player A and Player B review their opponent's two decks, and choose which of their own to play in game 1. They do not reveal their choice.
  • Game 1: Player A loses, Player B wins.
  • Between games 1-2: Player A changes deck to provide advantage against Player B's deck.
  • Game 2: Player A wins, Player B loses.
  • Between games 2-3: Player B changes deck to provide advantage against Player A's second deck.
  • Game 3: Player A loses, Player B wins.

Submit your two decks via this form.

Decklist submission is required prior to the start of the event. Once matches begin, decklists will become public knowledge. Each player will be sent a list on Discord for the full roster of players and their decks.


SWIS Bracket followed by Single-Elimination Top Cut.

You will play a best-of-3 set against your opponent; the first player to win 2 individual games is the match winner. The winner advances to the next round; the loser is eliminated.

We offer flexible scheduling; players will have up to 3 Days to complete their match against each opponent. You MUST check in on Limitless and contact your opponent within the first 24 hours of the round or you will receive the loss.

Wins are worth 1 point. No points are given for ties or losses.


Deck Sharing ON: The Deck List Sharing feature must always be turned ON in the game settings.

Match Timers ON: When you challenge your opponent you must always enable the Timed Match option.

Going First/Second: The winner of the coin flip decides who goes first for Game 1. For Games 2 & 3 in best-of-three matches, the loser of the prior game gets to decide who goes first. (In cases where the winner of the previous game wins the coin flip and selects the wrong option by accident, the opponent is entitled to request a restart of the affected game).

Wrong Deck Selected: If a player chooses the wrong deck by accident, they must declare so immediately before any actions are taken. If Deck Sharing is on, the opposing player should be able to verify that the deck was in fact incorrect and the game should be replayed. If any conditions above are not met, the result is a game loss.

Disconnections/Leaving a Game: In the event of a disconnect, the timer will continue to run while the player attempts to reconnect. If the game ends the match due to inactivity or a player leaves the game for any other reason, it is considered a game loss.

Need Help?: Please notify the organizer immediately if you have any concerns. Use the Request a Judge button here on Limitless or get in touch with @Ketchi#1211 on our league's Discord.


Prizes are PTCGO codes as outlined below.

  • 1st: 20 Astral Radiance
  • 2nd: 14 Astral Radiance
  • 3rd-4th: 8 Astral Radiance
  • 5th-8th: 5 Astral Radiance

Tournament prizing is provided by Card Cavern Trading Cards. Codes will be delivered to players here on their rewards page.

In addition, for PTCGO League's GLC Battle League, the top 4 players will earn leaderboard points. Each victorious round will yield 5 leaderboard points for the element of their two decks. At June 30th, the top players in each element may participate in an exclusive tournament. Please see the PTCGO League Discord (GLC Battle League section) for more information.

Tournament Structure

Phase 1
5 Swiss Rounds - BO3
4320 minutes per round
1440 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Phase 2
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
4320 minutes per round
1440 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0