Fusion Strike Launch Event (3-Day Rounds)
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Organized by PTCGO League
Standard format


This event is played in the TCG's Standard format (Fusion Strike legal). You'll be paired with a new opponent every 3 days; players must coordinate a date/time to play their match.

Free Entry! Tournament is sponsored by Card Cavern Trading Cards

Please join the PTCGO League Discord Server


This tournament begins on Saturday, November 13 @ 2:00pm EST and will span several weeks.

Be sure to Register prior to the start of the event. Decklist submission is not required in advance.

Organizers will use the PTCGO League Discord Server to communicate with players before/during the event.


This tournament is played in the TCG's Standard Format. Cards from Sword & Shield base set through Fusion Strike are legal. SWSH promos are also allowed up to SWSH175.

Decklists are NOT required in advance. For each round of the event, you may use any Standard-legal deck. However, you must use the same deck for every game within a Best-of-3 Match against the same opponent.

To ensure the legality of decklists, when sending a challenge please filter for Standard and be sure you have Deck List Sharing turned ON.


  • Swiss Rounds; all matches are Best-of-3.
  • 3-Day Rounds. You must check in on Limitless and contact your opponent within the first 24 hours.
  • Match Win = 3 pts. // Match Loss = 0 pts. // Tie = 1 pt.
  • Intentional draws are allowed. Any matches without results reported by end of the round will be scored a tie.
  • After the Swiss portion of the event, the Top 8 players will advance to a single-elimination bracket.


Check-In Policy: Players are required to check in within the first 24 hours of each round. You are expected to check your dashboard regularly. Players that do not check in will receive a match loss and will be removed from the event if they do not make contact with the organizers before the end of the round.

Deck Sharing ON: The Deck List Sharing feature must always be turned ON in the game settings.

Match Timers ON: When you challenge your opponent you must always enable the Timed Match option.

Going First/Second: The winner of the coin flip decides who goes first for Game 1. For Games 2 & 3 in best-of-three matches, the loser of the prior game gets to decide who goes first. (In cases where the winner of the previous game wins the coin flip and selects the wrong option by accident, the opponent is entitled to request a restart of the affected game).

Illegal Decklist: If a player is using a deck that does not comply with the rules, they will receive a match loss. Please document the illegal deck by taking a screenshot of the game state or copying the game log.

Disconnections/Leaving a Game: In the event of a disconnect, the timer will continue to run while the player attempts to reconnect. If the game ends the match due to inactivity or a player leaves the game for any other reason, it is considered a game loss.

Incomplete Matches: At the end of a scheduled round, any incomplete matches will be automatically scored a tie.

Need Help?: Please notify the organizer immediately if you have any concerns. Use the Request a Judge button here on Limitless or get in touch with @rabidragon on our league's Discord.


Prizes are PTCGO Fusion Strike codes as outlined below.

1st: 80 FST codes
2nd: 40 FST codes
3rd-4th: 20 FST codes
5th-8th: 10 FST codes

Tournament prizing is provided by Card Cavern Trading Cards. Codes will be delivered to the Top 8 players on the PTCGO League Discord Server as they are eliminated from the event - if you don't claim them on Discord, they will be delivered later on Limitless (go to History > Rewards following the conclusion of the event).

Tournament Structure

Swiss (IDs allowed)
6 Swiss Rounds - BO3
4320 minutes per round
1440 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
4320 minutes per round
1440 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1