Deaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen #4
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Organized by PTCGO League
Expanded format


Welcome to Deaf Chef's Expanded Kitchen! Grab all your favorite Expanded ingredients and cook up your favorite deck! Free and Open to all players! Today's special is 100 Evolving Skies codes!

You must join the PTCGO League Discord Server

Tournament is sponsored by Card Cavern Trading Cards


This live tournament begins on September 5 @ 1:00pm EDT.

  1. Register for the Event by 12:55pm EDT
  2. Submit a Decklist - must be legal in the TCG's Expanded format.
  3. Complete Check-in - opens one hour prior to the tournament start time.

All steps above must be completed on the Limitless platform by the time the tournament begins. Players who do not complete these tasks will be automatically dropped.


Phase 1: Swiss BO1 (30 minutes)

  • Single game against each opponent
  • 30-Minute Round Timer
  • Check-In: you must check in within the first 5 minutes of every round or you will automatically receive the game loss.
  • Any match without results reported by end of round will be scored a tie.

Following the end of Phase 1, the Top 8 players according to the Standings will advance to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Top Cut BO3 (50 minutes)

  • Single-Elimination fixed bracket, seeded based on standings from the Swiss portion.
  • Best-of-3 set
  • Check-In: you must check in within the first 5 minutes or you will automatically receive the match loss.
  • If a match runs over time, the player who is currently ahead (first in games won, and then in prize cards taken) will be declared the winner. (If tied, players will play until the next prize card is taken.)


This event's rules are generally consistent with the LOS Match Rules.

Players must enable the TIMED MATCH option and play at a reasonable pace. If your opponent send a challenge without timers, you should decline and correct the error. In the event of intentional slow play, you should take a screenshot of each player’s time remaining and submit it to the organizer through Discord. In the event of a disconnection, the timer will continue to run while the player attempts to reconnect. If the game ends the match due to inactivity, the disconnected player will receive the loss.

Deck List Sharing must be turned ON in game.

 Decklists are public knowledge once the event has begun, you'll be able to see your opponent's submitted list. Players who are not using their submitted decklist or do not have deck sharing turned on are subject to penalty, including disqualification from the event.

Please notify the organizers immediately if you have any concerns. Use the Request a Judge button here on Limitless or get in touch with us on the PTCGO League Discord Server.

If you are disputing a result, it always helps to have screenshots or other evidence. The tournament organizers will resolve any disputed match outcomes as fairly as possible using the information available to us. We may disqualify players who are not following the rules or abiding by the spirit of the game.


The prize pool for this event is 100 Evolving Skies PTCGO Codes.

1st: 40 Codes
2nd: 20 Codes
3rd-4th: 10 Codes
5th-8th: 5 Codes

Tournament prizing is provided by Card Cavern Trading Cards. Codes will be delivered to players here on Limitless (go to History > Rewards following the conclusion of the event).

Tournament Structure

5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
50 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0