PTCGO League's 2-Hour Standard Monotype
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Organized by PTCGO League
Standard format
Special Rules
  • Monotype
Suspended Cards


Join PTCGO League for a quick 2-hour tournament! Entry is FREE and top 4 win Chilling Reign codes!


This live tournament begins on Wednesday, June 16 @ 11:30pm EDT. Gameplay will last exactly two hours!

  1. Registration will open approximately 24 hours before the start of the event.
  2. Submit a Decklist & Complete Check-in (opens 30 minutes prior to the tournament start time)

Event is capped at 20 players; however once full you can join the waitlist. In the event that registered player(s) do not submit a deck or complete check-in, players from the waitlist that have done so will be included in their place.


  • MONOTYPE: All Pokemon in your deck must be the same type
  • Deck must also be legal in the TCG's Standard format (TEU-BST)
  • Banned: Lillie's Poke Doll
  • Open Decklists // Deck List Sharing MUST be turned ON in game.


  • 5 Rounds of Swiss
  • BO1: Single game against each opponent
  • 24-Minute Round Timer (any match without results reported by end of round will be scored a tie)
  • You must enable Match Timer in game. If timers were not enabled, judges will not make rulings on any time-related issues.
  • Check-In: you must check in within the first 4 minutes of every round or you will automatically be dropped from the event.


Chilling Reign PTCGO Codes

1st Place: 15 Codes
2nd Place: 10 Codes
3rd-4th Place: 5 Codes

Prizes will be delivered through Discord; please be sure you have your Discord information linked to Limitless (under Settings>Profile)

Tournament is sponsored by Card Cavern Trading Cards

Tournament Structure

5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
24 minutes per round
4 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0