Hidden Fates GX Deck Tournament (members only)
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Organized by PTCGO League
Custom format

This is an exclusive bonus event for existing PTCGO League members.

You must have participated in at least one PTCGO League event this year. If you have done so, you can contact rabidragon via DM through the PTCGO League Discord to receive your unique Registration Code and a complimentary GX Deck of your choice (while supplies last) - Charizard, Gyarados, or Raichu. You can review the rules/decklists below.

We'll adopt a leisurely pace of 4 days per Round - with the caveat that rounds will move forward on time. Any incomplete matches will be scored as either a double loss or, when appropriate, a win for the player who made the most reasonable effort to play. If you make it to the end you'll have played as many as 9 matches, so this event will last over a month in total.

All the usual league rules apply -- we are playing best-of-3 matches; winner of coin flip always decides who goes first/second; match timers and decklist sharing must be turned on in-game.





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Not affiliated with or endorsed by TPCi.

Tournament Structure

Stage 1: Choose a Starter
2 Swiss Rounds - BO3
untimed rounds
no round check-in
players with 1 or more points advance to the next phase
Stage 2: Catch 'Em All
4 Swiss Rounds - BO3
untimed rounds
no round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Stage 3: Master Trainer
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0