The Circle Circuit | Custom Format Tournaments


Welcome to the Circle Circuit event series! Here we invite you to compete in custom formats with unique deck rules. Our tournaments provide players the opportunity to use a wider variety of cards from their collections. It's a fun challenge for everyone from beginners to advanced players!

How to Play

  • Entry is always free!
  • Players must register and submit a decklist prior to the start time.
  • You must be a member of our Discord server; this ensures players get updates about the events and can more easily communicate with their opponents and tournament organizers.
  • Matches are to be played on the Pokemon TCG Live application.

Scheduling Rules

  • Circle Circuit events allow for flexible 3-day rounds to give everyone an opportunity to compete.
  • Players have up to 3 days to coordinate and play their match against their opponent for each round of the tournament.
  • You must always make contact with your opponent within the first 24 hours of a new round being posted. Players who fail to communicate in a timely manner will receive the match loss.

Tournament Prizes

Prizing for each individual event will consist of PTCGL codes that can be redeemed for in-game packs. A complete breakdown of prizes will always be posted in the details of each individual tournament. Codes are delivered to players very shortly after an event has concluded via the Rewards Page here on Limitless.

Prizes are kindly provided by our sponsor: Card Cavern Trading Cards

Point Structure

Circle Circuit Main Events

Top 43
Top 82
Top 161