PTCGO League's 2-Year Anniversary Series


Hey everyone, we are celebrating the 2-Year Anniversary of PTCGO League! Our very first league tournament was hosted on reddit on January 19, 2020. In honor of this milestone, we'll be hosting 10 tournaments with some of our favorite custom formats played across those two years!


All tournaments are free to enter and are open to all players! Click on Tournaments see a full list of events!

Each event requires its own unique entry code to register. Entry Codes can be found on the PTCGO League Discord Server. Look in the #entry-codes channel under the 2-Year Anniversary header. We use Discord to communicate with one another during the tournament, so you must be present there or you will not be included in the event.


These are extended events with 4-Day Rounds. Players will have 4 days to complete their match against each opponent. This means that each event will last several weeks, so the events will overlap one another substantially. The idea here is to mind your schedule and compete in those events that most interest you.


Points are awarded to the Top 8 players in each individual event. You can find the breakdown at the bottom of this page. There is a best finish limit of 4, meaning that only your four highest placements will count toward the series standings. It is better to focus your attention and do very well in a few events rather than have an average finish in many events.


Each individual events offers 70 Fusion Strike codes as prizing, to be split among the top 4 players.

The best players across the entire series of anniversary events (as determined by the points system) will earn bonus Brilliant Stars codes:
1st: 50 Codes
2nd: 40 Codes
3rd: 30 Codes
4th: 20 Codes
5th: 10 Codes

PTCGO League is sponsored by Card Cavern Trading Cards

Point Structure

Anniversary Series

Top 43
Top 81
Best Finish Limit: 4