PTCGO League Summer Series

Welcome to PTCGO League's Summer Series!

This is a series of 8 Double-Elimination tournaments played in old Standard/Worlds deck formats. All PTCGO League events are free to enter!

HOW TO ENTER: You must join the PTCGO League Discord Server, this is where most event updates and player communication takes place. Please be sure you go to the #tournament-entry channel to pick up the Summer Series player role, which will enable you to access special entry codes needed to join these tournaments.


For each individual event, the Top 4 players will split 70 Standard pack codes (typically from the most recent set).

Players will also receive points based on their performance in the events. You can see a points breakdown on this page, and you'll notice that the Top 8 always receives points (with the option for up to 16 players depending on the size of the event). There is also a Best Finish Limit of 6, meaning that only your six highest-scoring tournament placements will be counted.

At the end of the series, the player with the largest point total will win a Secret Rare Quick Ball!

This tournament series is sponsored by Card Cavern Trading Cards.


Point Structure

Summer Series

Top 46
Top 64
Top 83
Top 12224
Top 16132
Best Finish Limit: 6