Sininchi18 - SOS Monthly #5
Organized by Pedro E Torres
Standard format

OMG56 Welcome to the Sininchi18 - SOS Hammer-FREE Monthly #5: The 5th tournament of the Sininchi Online Series where YOU choose the next banned card! To start, this is the list of the banned cards:

  • CRUSHING HAMMER will be banned for this tournament

  • ARCEUS & DIALGA & PALKIA-GX will be banned for this tournament

  • MARNIE will be banned for this tournament

  • WELDER will be banned for this tournament

Tournament basics (FREE to enter & play!)

  • The tournament will take place on 25th June 2021
  • The tournament will start at 13.00 EST / 19.00 CET
  • Remember to send a valid DECKLIST on time
  • Check-in starts 1 hour before the tournament begins
  • PLEASE remember to also CHECK-IN every round you play
  • Swiss Rounds + Top Cut according to the number of players
  • Standard Format: TEU - CRE = (from Team Up to Chilling Reign)

DITTO56 Please read the match rules before playing in the tournament. If you are not familiar with playing tournaments on this website, please take a careful look at the help pages.

You can find all deadlines in the tournament's schedule. The tournament structure is outlined at the bottom of this page.

  • If between 33-64 players register and check in we will play 6 Swiss rounds.
  • If between 65-128 players register and check in we will play 7 Swiss rounds.
  • If between 129-256 players register and check in we will play 8 Swiss rounds.
  • If more than 256 players register and check in we will play 9 Swiss rounds.

Discord & streaming on Twitch

YEAH56 It is recommended that you join the SININCLUB Discord server, however that is not required for playing in the tournament.

If you are able to stream PTCGO through Discord we ask that you go into the STREAM WAITING ROOM channel during the tournament.

If you're asked to be on stream you will be moved to the LIVE STREAM CHANNEL where you will be able to share your screen/PTCGO.

If you played the event, there will be a poll in the Discord server where YOU can vote for the next banned card for the next tournament!

This tournament is part of the Sininchi Online Series. For more information about details, rankings & points visit the link! Thank you!


DOLLAR56 The prize pool consists of 100 Battle Styles PTCGO codes, distributed in the following way:

  • Champion: 26
  • Finalist: 18
  • Top 4: 12
  • Top 8: 8

Prizes will be sent out per Discord or Twitter. My email to contact you is =

If you want to donate anything towards the prize pool send me a message on Discord: Sininchi#5155 or Twitter

The prize pool is provided by PTCGO store, the best place to buy PTCGO codes! Use the code PEDROE5 at checkout for a discount!

CRUSH56 You will abide by the SPIRIT OF THE GAME and understand that we are all here to have fun, enjoy & BELIEVE! GOLD56

Tournament Structure

8 players advance to the next phase
Top 8
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
untimed rounds
no round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1