Late Night Season 4 Invitational
Organized by Zach Lesage Events
Standard format

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FREE ENTRY - $250 Atlas Store Credit + $200 Cash Prizing

This Sword and Shield - Astral Radiance Standard event (Lucario VSTAR & recent promos are legal) is brought to you by Zach Lesage, PTCGO Store, GGTOOR, and Atlas Collectables. Compete with some of the best players in a welcoming environment for FREE and compete to earn free prizing. Top players have earned the opportunity to compete in the Late Night Series Invitational!

  • You must join GGTOOR's Discord
  • You must fill in all required additional information fields during registration (Age, Discord, E-mail) with accurate information or you will be dropped from the event!
  • You must be 13 to play. If you're under 18, you'll need to submit a parental consent form. You can find that in GGTOOR's Discord in the #resources channel. (You must first join the server to have access to the form, see above!) Please email this form to: at least 24 hours before the event starts. If you sent a form before and the version has since changed, we will need a new one. (If you send it after this time, we will try our best to still process your registration, IF time permits... The sooner you get it in, the less likely you'll be dropped)
  • By registering for the event, it means you agree to the GGtoor Terms of Use

Please make sure to read all of the information on this page to have a smooth event!

Players The Top 32 players from the Late Night Series Season 4 Rankings are invited to play in this event. It is the players responsibility to reach out on Discord at ZachLesage#3773 or Twitter at ZachLesagePTCG to claim their entry code. I have personally messaged those who I can associate their name with the account, but please reach out to me to play in this invitational if I haven't reached out to you.

Those who are bolded with [messaged] have been reached out to because I know their social media. Otherwise I don't know your social media or can't reach out for other reasons. If you haven't been sent a code please reach out to Zach Lesage personally or you may forfeit your spot in the event. The tiebreaker for any tied spot will go to highest event placement overall, and in the case of multiple ties, it will go to the highest placement in the largest event. In the event where a player doesn't sign up for this event, they forfeit their spot in the event. If you haven't been sent a code please reach out to Zach Lesage personally or you may forfeit your spot in the event.

event summary

  • Swiss Round BO3 matches are 50 minutes long with 5 mins of Check In per round
  • Top Cut BO3 matches are 50 minutes long with 5 mins of Check In per round
  • If you miss Check In under any circumstance, you will be awarded a Full Match Loss for your round.
  • If you Check In to your event and don't immediately play you will receive a Game Loss 2 mins after Check In time has ended and a Match Loss 4 mins after Check In time has ended in a BO3 match.
  • List submission closes approximately at 6:00PM Eastern
  • This event has multiple Phases - Swiss Rounds BO3 and Top Cut BO3
  • When time is called during the event the winner will be decided by the amount of remaining Prize Cards + Games Won to determine the winner, unless otherwise stated by Staff
  • If time is called during your turn, that is the last turn of the game, please provide screenshot evidence of the game state to determine the winner in case of any misunderstanding
  • If you call a judge to dispute a result, for example you Won, but it shows up as a Tie, please send screenshot proof or a link to your livestream to ZachLesage#3773 on Discord. If you don't have reasonable proof within a reasonable amount of time, the staff won't be able to determine the proper measures to take.
  • It is strongly recommended to have screenshot proof of any win or tie upon the conclusion of a game. If you leave a game without explicitly stating "time is over, this is a tie" or something similar, it could be perceived as a concession.
  • Players are allowed to stream their event run on any streaming service and it is recommended to have a delay on your stream to avoid "stream sniping" or any other disadvantages. Any advantages gained by streaming, such as receiving assistance from your audience, can lead to penalties after staff investigates the situation.
  • If both players aren't in contact with Staff when time is called during Top Cut BO3 there could be potential penalties, such as a Double Game Loss for both players. This is to keep the event timely!
  • All rulings made by Staff are final and will be made with the players, Staff, and event in mind.

event prizing GGTOOR has generously provided $200 USD into the prize pool! Atlas Collectables has generously donated $250 Atlas Store Credit into the Prize pool! If you wanna donate to the prize pool of this event, please contact ZachLesage#3773 on Discord or ZachLesagePTCG on Twitter.

Support Zach Lesage and PTCGO Store by using code zlesage5 to save 5% on your order of codes.

Support Zach Lesage and Atlas Collectables by using code zlesage8 to save 8% on your order of Pokemon TCG singles.

If you earn Store Credit Prizing, please contact Zach Lesage on Discord at ZachLesage#3773 or Twitter at ZachLesagePTCG. All Store Credit Prizing is in Canadian Dollars If you have any questions about your Store Credit Prizing please contact Cyrus#6476 on Discord.

Funds for Cash Prize winners will be sent via PayPal (after the conclusion of the event within one month) is USD. Winners will be required to provide full Legal Name, and Physical Mailing Address (along with the email address associated with the PayPal account) for winnings to to be disbursed. *If less than 150 players enter the event (register, all fields completed, and deck submitted), prizing from GGTOOR may be lowered or removed. round structure This event follows the official Pokémon TCG Tournament Structure for larger sized events as found here Pokémon Tournament Rules Handbook under Section The number of rounds for this event will accurately be based on the following amount of players:

  • 4-8 players = 3 Swiss Rounds and No Top Cut
  • 9-12 players = 4 Swiss Rounds and Top 4 Cut
  • 13-20 players = 5 Swiss Rounds and Top 4 Cut
  • 21-32 players = 5 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 33-64 players = 6 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 65-128 players = 7 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 129-226 players = 8 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 200-226 players = 8 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 227-799 players = 14 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut
  • 800+ players = 15 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut


  • Entry for this tournament is 100% FREE
  • You will be required to submit a Standard Format legal deck list before 6:00PM Eastern
  • Deck lists CANNOT be edited after 6:00PM Eastern
  • It is the players responsibility to Check In prior to each match - failure to do so will result in an automatic Game Loss
  • Issues and problems during your match will be handled by Tournament Staff - please use the Match Dispute button
  • All players must be friendly to their opponents and to the Tournament Staff - If not, penalties could occur
  • All participants are recommended to be in our Discord Server for updates on pairings, event announcements, etc.
  • Zach Lesage Events follow the Official Pokémon Rules
  • The list of Known Issues and Compendium Rulings will be used to determine in-game rulings.
  • Any player who is found breaking rules, using in game exploits, bullying, harassing players, etc. will receive penalties
  • Any player who are problematic outside of this event (before, during, and after) may not be eligible to play in this event or future


  • Current rankings for the season can be found at Late Night Leaderboard
  • The Top 32 Ranked Players overall from Late Night Season 4 will be invited
  • The season will run for 10 events (31-40) followed by the Invitational
  • All players who qualify for the Invitational will be asked to stream their matches


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Details are subject to change.

Tournament Structure

Swiss Rounds
5 Swiss Rounds - BO3
50 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
50 minutes per round
3 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1