OPE One Piece Online Regionals - October 7th
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Organized by Organized Play Events
One Piece Card Game
Webcam & Discord

If you have purchased a ticket for this event, you will be given a role on the Discord before the event and send a registration code to register for this event

Event Details

One Piece Card Game Online Regionals

512 Players

9 Rounds of Swiss, Best of 1, 40 minute matches

No Top Cut

Welcome Speech: 9AM BST

Round 1 Start: 9:15AM BST

This event will be held on our Discord so please join below: https://discord.gg/zRdpnUGn5v

We will be using Limitless for pairings, standings and timer - please make sure you are signed up below: https://play.limitlesstcg.com/

Twitch Stream

We will have a stream for this event, being held permanently on Table 1. By playing in this event you are agreeing to be streamed if you play on that table. The event will be live at: https://www.twitch.tv/organizedplayevents

Eligibility, Participation & Prizing

In order to participate in this event, you must be a resident of the UK and/or Europe at the time of the event and must provide an UK and/or European address for prizing to be sent. If you are found to be competing in the event outside of the eligible region, you will be removed from the event and no prizing will be sent.

You must be able to speak English to a competent level where you can be understood by players and event staff.

To be eligible for Participation Prizes you must play a minimum of 2 Rounds in the event.

To be eligible for Placement Prizes you must play the full event.

Once the event has concluded, prizes will be shipped as soon as possible. You must provide us with an up to date UK or European address at time of ticket purchase so we can prepare your prizing for immediate shipping. Using an incorrect or placeholder address will only result in delays. If you need to change your address you can do so by contacting us.

Webcam & Online Limitations

As per the tournament rules manual, you must have an appropriate online setup where all cards can be viewed at all times, with cards in your hand being hidden but kept visible on screen at all times.

You must have an appropriate webcam and microphone so all of your cards can be read at all times, and your opponent can hear you clearly at all times.

Technical issues can happen, and it is unfortunate but these will be dealt with appropriately in line with the Tournament Rules Manual - as even a slight freeze or camera hiccup can cause the integrity of the game to be damaged. Therefore it is your responsibility to have a strong internet connection and fix all camera issues between rounds.

All actions must be voiced to your opponent, and actions taken must be obvious to both parties, including counting out cards revealed, trashed from deck or discarded from hand.

We strongly recommend all players record their games for security reasons. These recordings can and will be used as evidence of inappropriate behaviour to determine penalties. These recordings must be deleted by the player after the event has concluded, and cannot be used for personal projects such as YouTube or Twitch. Streaming your games is also not allowed. You also acknowledge and accept that your opponents may be recording their games for their safety. All players opt-in to this agreement by buying a ticket for the event, no exceptions.

Tournament Structure

Online Swiss
9 Swiss Rounds - BO1
42 minutes per round
7 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0