Carteado Ultra Challenge - $250 (Phase 2)
Organized by Carteado Challenges
Standard format


Welcome to the Carteado Ultra Challenge, a free PTCG Online tournament and Star Light Series' final event!

This is the phase two of this event. In order to register, you'll have to guarantee a invite during the Star Light Series or in the phase one.


  • Points, resistance and decklists from phase 1 are reset.
  • Standard format (SSH-SIT);
  • BO1 Swiss (30 minutes per round);
  • BO3 Top 8 cut (no round-timer);
  • The number of rounds depends on attendance.


The prize pool for this tournament was made possible by Metafy! Use the code STAR10 for 10% off on all coaching sessions.

U$250, distributed as follows:

  • 1: $100;
  • 2: $50;
  • Top 4: $25;
  • Top 8: $12,50.

We're working on providing more prizes. This page will be updated if we're able to.

*Players will need a Matcherino account and a PayPal account in order to collect cash prizing. Both can be created for free.


This tournament is included in the Star Light Series. Learn more here.

Partners or sponsors

  • Metafy - the best esports coaching platform (promo code: STAR10)!
  • Atreeyo - helping gamers and content creators to find the best sponsorship deals (referral code: Carte9)!
  • Pokémon Blast News - one of the biggest websites in Portuguese dedicated to the Pokémon franchise!


  • Wesley Dantas (SHSuperSonic#0892)
  • Matheus Gomes (Firinn#2346)
  • Marcos Bispo (Marck261#6016)
  • João Carlos (Deck_Inseto#6872)

The tournament will be streamed in the SHSuperSonic Twitch channel, but everyone is free to stream on their own!

All information in this description, including prizing, number of rounds, schedule, etc. are subject to change at any time before or during the tournament.

Tournament Structure

Ultra Swiss
5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Ultra Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0