DMV Drakes - Pokemon TCG Live Tournament 7/16!
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Organized by DMV Drakes
Standard format
Pokémon TCG Live

Welcome to the DMV Drakes Pokemon TCG Live tournament! Entry will be free, and we're giving out 50 codes amongst the top 3 winners! While the event is free, we accept donations and any amount is appreciated! (details in Rules & Info below)

The matches will be held via Pokemon LIVE, and the format will be Standard as of Twilight Masquerade! To be eligible for prizing, questions, assistance, and updates be sure to join our discord server (link is under organization info at the right side of the screen).


As stated above, this tournament will be free! For prizing, we'll be distributing TCG codes for Twilight Masquerade that you can redeem on LIVE. To receive prizing, you have to meet one of the placements below and be a member in our server:

  • 1st place: 25 codes
  • 2nd place: 15 codes
  • 3rd place: 10 codes
  • 4th-8th place: Players who play for at least 3 rounds will receive 3 codes at random (any set)

Tournament Rules & Information:

  • Event begins at 7 pm EST. Submit Deck lists and check-in by 6:50 to avoid being dropped from the event.
  • 4 rounds best-of-3 Swiss or until we have a undefeated.
  • 45-minute rounds w/5 min overtime. You'll have 10 minutes prior to check-in and share usernames with your opponent in order to play each other. If you are 5 minutes late to a round: Game Loss. If you are 10 minutes late to a round: Round Loss.
  • To donate, you can send a donation via PayPal fnf (friends & family) to For other options, message ArcaneKaze in our discord server.

Organized and played through LimitlessTCG

Tournament Structure

Twilight Masquerade Tourney
4 Swiss Rounds - BO3
45 minutes per round
10 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1