JustInBasil Online League - 5 Apr 24 (Eternal)
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Organized by JustInBasil TCG
Custom format

JustInBasil Online League

JustInBasil Online League, formerly League at Home, is a weekly tournament exclusively available to members of the JustInBasil Discord server. Except for one Friday each month, each week the JustInBasil Online League is a free Standard format tournament that follows the official rules for deck tournament legality. On (typically) the first Friday of the month, the format is instead an alternate format voted on by those present at the start of the previous month's alternate format tournament.

JustInBasil Online League begins each week at 6pm US Central Time. Players will need to check in to the tournament here on the Limitless Online Tournament Platform (LOTP) before the start of round 1.

Players who play through the entirety of the tournament will receive one code from the most recent tournament-legal main set for their participation in the tournament. A small prize pool with codes from that same set will also be used to reward players placing 1st and 2nd in the tournament. All players must be present on the JustInBasil Discord server to participate in the tournament.

Format: Eternal

Learn more about the Eternal format here: https://www.justinbasil.com/league/formats#eternal

Tournament Structure

JustInBasil Online League uses the Swiss tournament format, with the number of rounds determined by the number of participants. In each round, players will have 30 minutes to play a single match against their opponent. The players then report the results of that match here on LOTP. There is no top cut for JustInBasil Online League.

Number of Rounds

The number of rounds in the tournament are determined by the number of participants. To see how many rounds the tournament will include, look up the number of players at the start of round 1 on the table below.

Participants Swiss Rounds
4-8 3
9-12 4
13-32 5
33-64 6


Always be respectful when conversing with tournament staff, other tournament participants, and other non-participating members of the JustInBasil Discord server. Failure to maintain proper sportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification.

Because of the nature of alternate formats, on weeks when the tournament uses an alternate format instead of the Standard format, it is possible that you or your opponent may accidentally include illegal cards in your deck. Please review the Illegal Deck Process article on justinbasil.com to familiarize yourself with what to do in such a situation.

Tournament Structure

3 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
no round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1