CardCapital | Bounty Swiss #1
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Organized by CardCapital
One Piece Card Game


CardCapital | Bounty Swiss #1

Tournament Details

Tournament Type BOUNTY SWISS BO1
Date 07. April 2024
Time 17:00 (CET)
Location (Discord) Join now!
OPTCG SIM Version 1.21b
Seats 64
Allowed Sets OP01-OP06, ST01-ST12, Promo P-001-P-037, P-039, P-041, P-047-P-059
Banned Cards Moby Dick [OP02-024], Cabaji [OP02-052]

Prices for Winners

1st place: 1 x Wings of the Captain Display (OP06) EN + 1 x Roronoa Zoro OP06-118 AA EN

2nd place: 12 x Wings of the Captain Booster (OP06) EN

3rd place: 8 x Wings of the Captain Booster (OP06) EN

4th-8th Place: 4 x Wings of the Captain Booster (OP06) EN

9th-16th Place: 1 X €15 CardCapital Voucher*

17th-32nd Place: 1 X €5 CardCapital Voucher*

Bounty Bonus: 8 x Wings of the Captain Booster (OP06) EN
Eight random players will receive an OP06 Booster as a bounty. If you defeat a player with a bounty, you take over the bounty. If you lose with your bounty, the winner gets it. Players who have a bounty at the end of the tournament receive it as prize money.
Note: If two players with a bounty meet each other in a match, both players retain their bounty regardless of the match's outcome.

*CardCapital Vouchers are applicable for all products in our online store, including tournament tickets, individual cards, auction items, and sealed products. They remain valid for one year from issuance and can be combined to achieve greater discounts, such as using two €5 vouchers for a €10 discount on a purchase.


Tournament Structure

6 Swiss Rounds - BO1
35 minutes per round
no round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1