(Multi-Battles) The Battle Subway x Orange Line
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Organized by The Battle Subway
Custom format
Nintendo Switch

Multi-Battles hosted by The Battle Subway!

Rules: Multi-Battle Tournaments will be best of 3 open team sheets. The rules that will be selected before the match will be Flat Rules. This tournament will use the Regulation G ruleset (One Restricted). Each player is allowed to bring three unique Pokémon including one restricted. If your team is using Pokémon that are not legal you will be disqualified. No two Pokémon can be on the same team (Both players cannot bring Flutter Mane, but can bring the same Pokémon of different forms: e.g. Rapid Strike Urshifu and Single Strike Urshifu/Ogerpon-Wellspring and Ogerpon-Cornerstone). Each player can terastallize once per game. Items are limited to one kind per pokemon, but teammates can have the same items (e.g. You have a focus sash chien-pao & your teammate has a focus sash urshifu).

Team Registration and Team Sheet: One player from the team of two will be responsible for registering for the tournament and including each player's three Pokémon on the team sheet (6 Pokémon total). When registering for the tournament, the player should include both in-game names (e.g. Agni & The Chazz). Team sheets will include the Pokémon, their form, moves, abilities, held items, and tera type. Any form of communication with a teammate is allowed. We recommend using video and audio calls.

Team Sheet Error policy: Any player with an error on their teamsheet takes a game loss. If a player discloses the error before the round begins there will be no penalty.

Delay Policy: If a player is delaying the tournament a judge can force you to drop a match or set at their discretion.

Conduct Policy: These tournaments exist to help players practice and grow. If a player is found to be disrupting/harming another person's experience, judges will either give a warning or drop players depending on how bad the offense is.

No Tolerance: Any hateful speech or text will result in an automatic loss and ban from any future tournaments.

Tournament Structure

Swiss Phase 1
2 Swiss Rounds - BO3
50 minutes per round
10 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0