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Organized by Shoddysseus Battle
EX Series (RS–PK) format

We're on the road to Ecruteak City, a tournament series leading up to The Stambler Open. These tournaments serve as supplemental, "training" tournaments to prepare for future events. These events will be free to play and multiple pods will be run a day.

Where will the tournament be played?

The tournament is played through the online Pokémon TCG Simulator, TCGOne:

What format is the tournament?

We will be playing the EX Series (RSPK, ADV-PCG). Sets legality below.

Legal Sets

  • ruby-sapphire-symbol Ruby & Sapphire
  • sandstorm-symbol.png Sandstorm
  • dragon-symbol.png Dragon
  • team-magma-vs-team-aqua-symbol Team Magma vs Team Aqua
  • hidden-legends-symbol Hidden Legends
  • firered-leafgreen-symbol.png FireRed LeafGreen
  • team-rocket-returns-symbol Team Rocket Returns
  • deoxys-symbol Deoxys
  • emerald-symbol Emerald
  • unseen-forces-symbol.png Unseen Forces
  • delta-species-symbol.png Delta Species
  • legend-maker-symbol.png Legend Maker
  • holon-phantoms-symbol.png Holon Phantoms
  • crystal-guardians-symbol.png Crystal Guardians
  • dragon-frontiers-symbol.png Dragon Frontiers
  • power-keepers-symbol.png Power Keepers
  • pop-1-symbol POP Series 1
  • pop-2-symbol POP Series 2
  • pop-3-symbol POP Series 3
  • pop-4-symbol POP Series 4
  • pop-5-symbol POP Series 5
  • promo-symbol Nintendo Black Star Promos 001–040

Tournament Structure

The tournament begins at 2:00pm EST (-05:00 GMT), February 10th on a Saturday. The tournament will be Best of 1, and each round will be timed by the LimitlessTCG Timer, 38 minutes for each game. NOTE: Players are NOT allowed to extend time to an opponent. This prevents unnecessary delays.

These tournaments have a maximum capacity of 16 players and will ONLY have 4 rounds total to determine a definite winner.

What happens if my opponent is late to the round?

Players have exactly 5 Minutes to begin playing. If a player's time has exceeded 5 minutes without proper acknowledgement by the admin(s) contacted or both players' consent, the player who is not late must mark themselves as the winner after confirmation.

Are there any bugs that I should be aware of?

Currently, there are no major bugs on TCGOne. However, if any significant bugs are discovered during tournament play, a tournament admin may allow or direct any affected players to replace those cards with either Basic Energy cards, or in some instances, a similar card. For example, if a particular Magikarp was bugged and could not evolve into Gyarados, that player could be allowed to use a different Magikarp for the remainder of the event.

What happens if there is a Game Engine Error or a Major Bug is discovered?

TCGOne has been known in the past to have Game Engine Errors and new bugs appearing. If a player encounters a new bug or encounters a Game Engine Error, do not restart your match! Please contact the tournament organizer or admins if you run into this issue, and the players and the admin will help to determine what the best course of action is. Generally, game-breaking errors will award the win to the player that was leading in prizes when the crash occurred. (If the game was tied, the players may be directed to play a Sudden Death match.) However, if restarting the game is unlikely to cause any delays to the event, a tournament admin may allow the match to be replayed. If a game crash was caused by one player disconnecting (or any sort of exploitation of online play), that player will forfeit the match.

Are there any restrictions to Decklists?

Lists will be closed during tournament play, and public at tournament end for archival purposes. Your list MUST be legal to participate. Please contact an administrator if you have any questions or trouble submitting your list.

New to TCGOne? To create a decklist, locate the "Quickplay Decks" on your dashboard on TCGOne. Make sure when creating your deck, the format is set to "EX Block" to find the proper cards.

Is there a good reference point to get started?

Check out these links below!

Having trouble with the tournament or the format? Contact @shodysseus on X, formerly Twitter, or through discord @shoddysseus if you have any questions.

Tournament Structure

Swiss Rounds
3 Swiss Rounds - BO1
38 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0