10ToesDownVGC's BoringBuck$ #1 $250 Prize Pool
Organized by 10ToesDownVGC
Scarlet & Violet - Regulation F
Nintendo Switch

10ToesDown VGC Presents the Boring Buck$ #1!!!

The VGC Head Bussa Skwad & 10 ToesDownVGC are here to bring you Doves a tournament with paperbread on the line!

The Format is VGC Regulation F, to be played on cartridge. Best of 3 Swiss, then a Top 16 Cut. However, we will scale Top Cut and add Swiss rounds if we surpass 128 Trainers. See Graph Below for scaling

There's a 10 Minute Check-in for each round. After 10 minutes you are given a game loss, and another one 5 minutes later if you fail to check-in. Reach out to Limitless judges if you have issues with folks not showing up. If there's an issue with admin decision ping @adeptbigdream$ in the server.

Any disconnects must be screenshot by both players and posted in the discord server. After 2 you will be required to move to PokeMon Showdown.

The Prize Pool is $250 & will be split as follows:

1st - $150 2nd - $50 3rd/4th - $25

Must be in the Discord Server at all times to communicate with admins in case of issues. In the intro, put "BoringBuck$" to be let in more swiftly (anti-raid features). Assign yourself the Tournament Role in the Reaction Channel to be updated when each round starts.

[This is the tourney scaling graph we'll be utilizing]

Best of fortune to everyone, please respect the decisions that the judges make, and have fun! It's all a game right?


Lastly, even if you're not interested in this tournament or battling in general, we have a mini shiny-hunting community in there that is growing day by day. If that is your bag, come join us and let's raid together! Here is the link two more times in case you missed the million times I posted it above


Tournament Structure

Swiss Swiss Beats
7 Swiss Rounds - BO3
55 minutes per round
10 minute round check-in
16 players advance to the next phase
Top Cutty
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0