Tamers Battle League: S2 Championship Showdown
Organized by DigiGuard United
Standard format

It's the culmination of the season! This is the Championship Showdown event, which is invite-only!


General Info

  • BT-15 Regionals Format
  • Latest restriction list as of 03/01/2024 applies (https://world.digimoncard.com/rule/restriction_card/)
  • Deck lists ARE required
  • Registration closes at 6:30pm EST
  • Deck lists should be submitted by 6:30pm EST - late submittal could result in a penalty
  • Tournament starts at 7pm EST
  • Bracket Style Single Elimination
  • A 720p webcam and decent microphone ARE REQUIRED to participate


  • [DGU] Varni is a certified Bandai Level One Judge and will be head judge for the event, but the trio of Varni, Mike & Dan will judge by committee, so if you disagree with a ruling, please DO NOT be afraid to ask for an appeal - we will go through the necessary avenues to ensure the right ruling is dispersed
  • Please DO NOT be afraid to ask call a judge at any point in time - this includes (but is not limited to) if your opponent's camera disconnects, if their equipment is not good enough quality to see their board or if you suspect cheating

Spectating & Livestreaming

  • By participating in this tournament, all participants automatically agree to being livestreamed by both the official livestream and individual content creators
  • No spectating individual matches are allowed - watch the featured match via the official livestream
  • Livestreaming your own matches ARE ALLOWED
  • Tournament will be livestreamed @ https://twitch.tv/digiguardunited

Time Rules

  • No time limit
  • 5 minutes late = Game Loss
  • 10 minutes late = Match Loss

Point Structure

Please refer to the Discord for the picture breakdown.

Prizing Structure

Top 3


  • Exclusive Tamers Battle League Season 2 Champion Stamped Playmat, Deck Sleeves, Digi-Egg Sleeves & Deck Box


  • Tamers Battle League Series Playmat, Deck Sleeves & Digi-Egg Sleeves


  • Tamers Battle League Series Playmat & Digi-Egg Sleeves


We are very heavy against cheating of any sorts - whether that is getting help from your stream chat, someone offering advice, weird shuffling, taking cards from elsewhere - nothing is tolerated. Each occurrence will be reviewed on an individual basis, but will almost surely result in not only an immediate ban from the tournament, but barred from all future tournaments as well as the Discord. We do not tolerate cheating, and we will make sure to investigate and prosecute cheaters to the best of our ability.

Tournament Structure

Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0