The Fight For Silver #21 132 PAR CODES
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Organized by MatteSilverTCG
Standard format
Pokémon TCG Live


132 PARADOX RIFT Codes In Prizing


This tournament series will be held in the Standard format. Sets and promo cards will be considered legal the day they are available to play on PTCGL.

Players are required to submit an open deck list before the start of the tournament


Players are required to check in during each round of the tournament. You will have 3 minutes to check in before an automatic loss is awarded for that round during swiss rounds. In top cut, you will have 5 minutes to check in before an automatic loss is awarded.

Ties, and by extension Intentional Draws (IDs), are possible in swiss rounds. -------------- If you wish to ID, discuss with your opponent and if they agree, call a judge and both players must again confirm they wish to have an ID.

Swiss Rounds are 30 minutes. If time runs out, and you are still playing, the match result in a tie. If a game completes before time, but you were unable to enter the result before the timer ran out, please screenshot the game result and request a judge. We will do our best to resolve the situation!

Common Issues

Incorrect Match Reports, Missing Check In, Slow Playing, PTCGL Glitches

It is highly recommended to take a screenshot of your match result in case of an accidental incorrect report. Without a screenshot, it is very difficult to remedy this type of issue.

If you do not see the check in button due to a technical glitch, please tell your opponent and call a judge. Once you are able to, please also contact Limitless at to tell them of your issue. If you miss check in time, or check in and do not start the game in a timely manner, you may be awarded an automatic game loss.

Always play with the timers turned on. This can help the judges make a call if you think your opponent is slow playing. If you believe your opponent is slow playing, please take a screenshot or a screen recording and call a judge. If you do not have your timers turned on, it is difficult for a judge to make a ruling, and it may result in a tie if you are not able to finish the game in the allotted time.

PTCGL glitches are bound to happen, report them immediately so we can determine if a restart, game-loss, tie, or continuation of play as is will be chosen based on the situation. You can also coordinate a restart of a match with your opponent within 5 minutes of round start.

Top Cut

All Top Cut games are untimed Best of 3. If 5 minutes have passed and your opponent hasn't arrived, call a judge and a game loss may be administered.

Contacting Judges

All communication with judges is to be done in the Limitless chat.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any behavior that is unsportsmanlike should be reported to a judge right away through Limitless chat. Unsportsmanlike conduct will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may result in short term temporary ban, or a permanent ban. Please be kind to everyone!

Inappropriate Names

Names that are deemed inappropriate are disqualified from the Tournament and placed on a 2 week event ban. Multiple infractions will be a lifetime ban.

Staff Participation

Staff are allowed to participate in this tournament series, but are ineligible to receive prizing.

Prizing is funded by me, MatteSilver. If you want to donate to the prize pool, please message MatteSilver#1022 on discord or @SilverMK7 on twitter.

1st Place - 40 Paradox Rift Codes

2nd Place - 20 Paradox Rift Codes

Top 4 - 12 Paradox Rift Codes

Top 8 - 6 Paradox Rift Codes

Top 16 - 3 Paradox Rift Codes

If you make Top 16 at this event, you are eligible for prizes :) Codes will be sent out after the event via Limitless Reward


Rounds are based on the amount of players participating.

4-8 players = 3 Swiss Rounds and No Top Cut 9-12 players = 4 Swiss Rounds and Top 4 Cut 13-20 players = 5 Swiss Rounds and Top 4 Cut 21-32 players = 5 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut 33-64 players = 6 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut 65-128 players = 7 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut 129+ players = 8 Swiss Rounds and Top 8 Cut


I plan on streaming select games each round! Feel free to join the Discord for more details and if you are comfortable/capable join one of the available match voice channels while screen sharing your PTCGL and you may be featured on stream! Streamed games will be on my Twitch



Tournament Structure

Phase 1
6 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
3 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Phase 2
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1