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Organized by pocoyo
Scarlet & Violet - Regulation E
Nintendo Switch

#2 Tournament for APAC Friendly biweekly tournaments!

Ruleset: Regulation E

Format: 4 Swiss Rounds of Bo3 OTS, will increase to 5 if there are 16 or more participants. No Top Cut, unless we reach 16 participants then Top 4 advances to Top Cut Bo3 Single Elimination

Platform: All games will be played on Nintendo Switch, unless there is a disconnection rule that apply where the players have to play on Pokemon Showdown

Players are required to join the discord server to get round updates and future tournaments announcements:

Don't forget to react on #reaction-roles to grab @Players role to get pinged for announcements

Regarding Tournament Issues

- Opponent not showing up

You will get a round win if your opponent doesn't show up until the check in timer runs out.

- Team Sheet Error

You are allowed to claim round win if there is/are disrespancie(s) between your opponent's open team sheet and in-game team, but feel free to do gentlemen agreements to keep playing if both sides agree. Be sure to take a screenshot for evidence first! If occurs before the match starts, players are allowed to fix their in-game team first.

- Disconnection

Ah yes, the common occurrence in most Asian countries. Make sure to take a screenshot so it'll help with our staffs' investigation, and call a judge. But for transparency's sake these rulings shall occur depending on the state of the match:

  1. Are you early into the game? If so, we will ask you to restart the game using the same lead.
  2. DC again in the early game? Replay the game on Showdown, same lead
  3. If you're late into the game, was there a clear and obvious winner in the match? The player with the advantage will be declared a winner
  4. Can't agree on who's in winning position? Either the judge will determine the winner based on the evidence gathered or you can just do a bo1 on Showdown, winner wins the round.

In the end this is just for practice and there are no stakes, so good luck and have fun!

Tournament Structure

Phase 1
3 Swiss Rounds - BO3
80 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0