The Wide League Saturday Night Rumble #30 (REG E)
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Organized by The Wide League
Scarlet & Violet - Regulation E
Nintendo Switch

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The Wide League Saturday Night Rumble is a Late Night VGC Tournament to utilize for more practice during the Pokémon VGC Regional events!

  • Free to Register!
  • Saturday Bo1 Swiss | X-2 Top Cut | Saturday Bo3 Single Elimination
  • 7 Swiss Rounds (Depends on Player Registration #'s
  • ALL Games will be played on the Nintendo Switch Console
  • All players must have a Nintendo Online Subscription to participate.
  • All team sheets must be submitted by the start of Round 1. ( If they are not submitted, you will be dropped from the tournament)
  • Rental Code Teams are ALLOWED!


-Player Behavior-

  • Dishonesty

  • Stream Sniping or Changing Pokémon during the middle of a set will not be tolerated in The Wide League and can result in a player being banned from events.
  • Sportsmanlike conduct

  • Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and to feel safe when competing in the league. Harassing players, or staff will never be tolerated on any platform and will result in that player being banned from events. {Treat Others how you want to be treated.}
  • Coercion

  • Coercion, bribery, or other means to determine the outcome of a match is strictly prohibited.
  • Hate Speech

  • The League has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy to any form of Bigotry, Hate, Or Racism. Players caught doing so will be banned and removed immediately from the league. (Information about the offense will be shared with other Tournament Organizers within the Community.)
  • Cooperate with TO & Judges

  • Judge and TO rulings are final and refusal to cooperate with their decisions can result in being removed from an event.


  • All players must be in the discord during the tournament to get updates.
  • (Grab the VGC Role in the #Roles Channel)


  • Under 64 Players -> 5 Swiss Rounds
  • 65-128 Players -> 6 Swiss Rounds
  • Over 129 Players -> 7 Swiss Rounds ->


  • Battle Time: 20 minutes
  • Player Time: 7 minutes
  • Preview Time: 90 seconds
  • Turn Time: 45 seconds
  • Round Timer: 30 Minutes

- Round start times will be announced in the discord - Once the round starts, you have 10 Minutes to check into your match and begin playing.

You'll need to check in to EACH round; failure to do so may result in a game/round loss.

Players must check in before the tournament, or they may be dropped from the event before round 1 starts.


Included: (Tera Type, Moves, Ability, Item) Not Included: (EVS, IVS, Shiny)



-Have an Issue?-

Call a Judge if you need help in your match

  • No Show Opponent
  • Team Sheet Issues
  • Wrong Score Reported
  • Player Issues
  • Disconnections

Opponent No Show

  • Call a Judge.

Team Sheet Discrepancy

Team Sheets may not be changed after the tournament starts. Issues found on your team sheet during the tournament may result in a game or round loss. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR TEAMSHEET BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT

Before the round

  • Call a Judge.
  • Fix the team to match the current team list
  • If you cannot change the team to match the team list. Notify a Judge of the issue so we can mark it down. Notify EACH Opponent at the start of your rounds of the issue. Failure to do so is considered dishonest behavior and can result in disqualification.

After the round has begun

  • Call a Judge.
  • Gather Evidence; Screen Shot or Recording.
  • Once a Judge has verified the issue the player in question will receive a game loss (if game 3 of the set the round will be forfeited)
  • At this point the player in question can now change the team to match the team list or begin notifying each opponent of the issue. Failure to do so will be considered dishonest behavior and may result in disqualification.


In the case of a disconnection, an error code is provided. Capture that Error Code!

  • Screen Shot with your Switch or Take a photo with your phone.
  • Call a Judge.


Any competitor who registers for a Tournament and streams their matches gives The Wide League Permission to restream your matches with Live Commentary. If you wish to avoid being included in the live streams/YouTube videos made through the league, then you need to contact WDMichael#2464 on Discord to inform them of your decision.

Tournament Structure

Wide League Swiss
6 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
players with 4 or more points advance to the next phase
Wide League Top Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0