Reach for the Stars Open Winter Qualifier #3
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Organized by Insight Astronomy
Standard format
Pokémon TCG Live
Insight Astonomy

Reach for the Stars Open Winter Qualifier #3


Reach for the Stars Bi-Weekly Tournaments will now act as a Qualifier for a larger event at the end of the Quarter! It will NOT change a thing from the normal setup, except players will now accumulate points towards an overall standings, with a 32-player tournament set up for the top finishers for the season!

For those interested in tougher competition and a larger prize pool, players will now accumulate points that will reflect on the leaderboard. Top Players will be invited into the Reach for the Stars Winter Finale in late December - After Christmas but before New Year, date being worked on by staff. There will be 6 Total Tournaments as part of the Winter Quarter and ALL Tournament Winners will get an Automatic Bid into the Winter Finale! See 'Series' below for more details!

We are excited to begin our set of bi-weekly tournaments that will happen on Wednesdays NOW at 6pm!
Here at TeamInsightTCG, we are an inclusive group that looks to improve the skills of ALL PLAYERS from those new to the game or the many that have been around for a long time. With these bi-weekly tournaments, we hope to provide a place for ALL Trainers to have a fun, family-friendly environment to test out their builds hone their skills, or just enjoy the game of Pokemon!

8 or less—---------------- 3 Rounds

9-12—----------------------4 Rounds

13-32—---------------------5 Rounds

33-64—---------------------6 Rounds

65-128—-------------------7 Rounds

(See details in Phases below)

Team Insight TCG

This Tournament is brought to you, and organized by, Insight Astronomy and the members of TeamInsightTCG. We are a Pokemon TCG Team based in North Central West Virginia comprised of over a dozen players that play within our local areas and travel within the Pokemon Championship Regional Circuit. Our most recent accomplishment was having two Masters make it to Day 2 of NAIC in our first season of competition. We have players in several divisions that are Top 100 or very close and are looking forward to a strong 2024 Pokemon TCG Competitive Season!


Participation is NOT REQUIRED but the Tournament Announcements, Round Starts, Judge Review, and any questions will be handled within the ‘limitless-announcements’ channel. Please read the complete description of the tournament and ALL rules to ensure you are informed and can avoid any future issues or penalties.


Standard Legal Format (Regulation E, F & G) including MEW 151!
OPEN DECKLIST with Decklist Submission PRIOR to the start of the tournament.


(Assorted Codes)

1st 40 Codes
2nd 20 Codes
3rd-4th 10 Codes
5th-8th 5 Codes


The Reach for the Stars Tournament series will have 6 separate tournaments each quarter in which players will receive points towards the final standings for the quarter. Top Players will be invited to a Reach for the Stars Finale for that Quarter with a much larger prize pool and will follow the Pokemon TCG Day 1 Single Day Swiss Format to include 5 Swiss Rounds with a Top Cut playing Best of Three Matches to decide a winner!

Tournament Winners will receive an AUTOMATIC Bid into the Finale! After securing their spot they WILL NOT accumulate any more points, HOWEVER, they are still able to play in Tournaments! If a player wins a second/third time, we will open more spots from the Quarter Standings to fill the player field!

Points will be awarded:
1st Auto-Bid into Finale
2nd 40
3rd/4th 32
5th-8th 25
9th-16 15


The tournament will follow a slightly modified Tournament Structure of the current Play! Pokemon Tournament Operations Procedure (section format for a TCG Single-Day Swiss) WITHOUT THE TOP CUT for the sake of time.

*Cap at 128 for NO MORE THAN 7 total rounds!

Will start rounds when ALL matches are completed, even IF before the scheduled round time!



All registered players must check in during the check-in window in the Limitless Tournament System before the start of the tournament AND before each match. 3 MINUTE CHECK-IN
FAILURE TO CHECK-IN PRIOR to the start of the tournament will result in being DROPPED from the tournament. Failure to check-in or improper check-in before the timer is out results in GAME LOSS.


Tournament Deck MUST MATCH the decklist submission with NO CHANGES during the tournament. If the player selected wrong: 1) Stop Play, Alert Opponent & Call Judge 2) If no Prize Cards were taken & 20+ min left in round → Game Reset


All Matches MUST be reported using the Limitless System. If Time is called in the Round, Unreported Matches will result in a TIE. If concession occurs, REPORT the match on Limitless in the correct way it ends! (Screenshot proof is HIGHLY recommended!) All Judge Calls will be handled on Limitless using the ‘Judge Call’ Function on the Match Dashboard. Judges are not guaranteed to reply in Discord in a timely manner. Discord will be utilized for investigation and communication AFTER the Judge has been called. In some cases, you may be asked to share your screen in the Discord channel, This will help the Staff understand each situation and approach it correctly. Judges MAY issue a time extension in specific circumstances if certain conditions are met.


If you feel your Opponent is Intentionally Slowplaying for whatever reason, please do one of the following:
1) Stream Match in Discord Channel, contact Staff, and allow them to review the gameplay
2) Screenshot the current game showing the Time Remaining for each player on the Right side to show any disparity in each player's ‘Time Remaining’.


Knowing the client and its possible issues, any Bugs or Glitches (for example Frozen Game, Connection Issues, Glitched Card, etc.) that occur in any given game or match will have to be played through if at all possible! We have zero control over many of the issues from PTCGL.
If unable to continue in its given state, a GAME LOSS will be attributed to the player who is the cause or the one experiencing these issues. (Whichever player can produce the VICTORY screen will be declared the winner unless otherwise investigated.)
If both players agree, they can RESTART and ATTEMPT to finish a 2nd game within the time remaining in the round. These matches will result in a TIE if not completed before time! However, if the issue persists, a Game Loss goes to the player experiencing these issues. All issues are reviewable by the Tournament Staff if given the proper evidence and Communicated with the Staff. (Screenshots, Chat Communication, Match Streaming, etc)


Players are allowed to stream their personal event experience on any streaming service and it is recommended to have a delay on your stream to avoid "stream sniping" or any other disadvantages. Any advantages gained by streaming, such as receiving assistance from your audience, can lead to penalties after staff investigates the situation.


Codes will be distributed through the Limitless rewards system, found under your Limitless Profile→History→Rewards within 48 hours after the tournament has ended. We will make an announcement in the Discord channel when codes are distributed.

Tournament Structure

Main Phase
6 Swiss Rounds - BO1
30 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1