Battle Tree Reg E Rumble!
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Organized by Battle Tree
VGC 2023 Regulation E
Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the Battle Tree Reg E Rumble!

The Battle Tree is a great place to learn and play VGC. Whether you are new, or a veteran, you are welcome to play!

The tournament will be following the Regulation E format, allowing for the use of new Pokémon released within the 'Teal Mask' DLC. Banned Pokémon include:

  • Mythical Pokémon
  • 'Box Legendary' Pokémon
  • Walking Wake and Iron Leaves

Teamsheets will be required to participate, and failure to bring your proper teamsheet will result in a game loss. Please fix your teamsheet if you have an error so you may continue to play!

The tournament will be livestreamed on, so come watch if you wanna be in on the action, but can't play!

We will play swiss rounds until reaching a top 8 finals bracket, moving into single elimination.

Please remain in the discord at all times to stay up-to-date with when rounds start and future tournaments.

Good Luck to all competitors!

Tournament Structure

Phase 1
5 Swiss Rounds - BO3
60 minutes per round
10 minute round check-in
4 players advance to the next phase
Phase 2
2 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
untimed rounds
no round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0