Legion League Open #1
Organized by The Legion League
VGC 2023 Regulation D
Nintendo Switch

Tournament Format

  1. No entry Fee
  2. Open team sheets
  3. Bo3 for 5 Rounds of Swiss
  4. Regulation E
  5. Games will be played on physical cartridge


  1. Must be a member of the Pokemon Battle Legion discord: https://discord.gg/7rTsySTM
  2. Team sheets must be provided before start of the tournament and they must be accurate. Team sheet errors will result in a game loss.
  3. There will be a 6 minute round check in. Failure to check in will result in a round loss.
  4. If you need a judge please request one and one will be there as quick as possible.
  5. Please be kind and respectful of your opponent. General rule of thumb is if it will get kicked out of a regional it will get you penalized here.

Swiss Rounds

We will use an X-2 cut so no bubbling out.

<16 players - 4 rounds of Swiss

17-32 players -5 rounds of Swiss

33-64 players- 6 rounds of Swiss

65-80 players- 7 rounds of Swiss

81-100 Players- 8 rounds of Swiss

101+ players- 9 rounds of Swiss with day 2 event to be determined

Tournament Structure

6 Swiss Rounds - BO3
60 minutes per round
6 minute round check-in
players with 4 or more points advance to the next phase
Top Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0