🏆Moujii's Dojo Season 2 #9 - 151 LEGAL🏆
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Organized by Moujii's Dojo
Standard format
Pokémon TCG Live

Moujii Welcome Trainers! To the new Season 2 of the Moujii's Dojo series of online tournaments now on Live! These tournaments are brought you by Moujii's Dojo. These tournaments are FREE to enter! All prizing will be awarded are subject to change depending on attendance!

Starting Time Of Tournament 12:00 PM EST!

If you're new to the tournament scene, and limitless all together. Make sure you read the step by step guide to make sure you're properly registered, checked-in, and have your deck list submitted. It's easy to forget any of these three simple steps and will end in the result of being dropped. :(

  • Make sure you're in your dashboard. Your dashboard can be found by confirming you're logged in and by clicking the word dashboard in the top right hand corner of the browser page.

  • To register for a tournament you must click on the designated tournament you wish to enter and from there click register button mid way down the screen. From there you can now click on the dashboard button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • From this screen you have a few options. You must submit your decklist before the tournament begins or you will be dropped from participating. Once you submit your deck all you must do is wait until check is available. Once check in is available click check in and you're ready to begin.
  • Quick reminder:

    You will need to check in each and every round or you will receive a game loss. These are the rules that are enforced to keep the flow of the game on track. So make sure you follow this and you'll do just fine!


  • You are able to use any cards that are in the Standard Format block. *** 151 will be Standard legal.

  • If an error or glitch occurs in your game. Please take call a judge. Upon requesting a judge, a screen shot might be issued to make sure claims are all legitimate. Without a proper screen shot it's hard to determine the state of the game was before the glitch happened. Keep in mind Moujii's Dojo will use screenshots to determine what happens next in the event of an error or glitch.

  • If you get disconnected, you will get a game loss unless still within the check in time. Moujii's Dojo understands PTCGL is glitchy and to prevent slowing the tournament down. If you get disconnected then will be a game loss. If a bug occurs in the middle of a match, call a judge. A judge will determine a restart or not.

  • Bad sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. If proof of such behavior will result in a disqualification from the FREE tournament, you knuckle head.

  • If time is called during the round and there is no declared winner in best of 1, then there will be a tie. It's encourage to take screen shots for any discrepancy between trainers for the staff to better make their decision.

  • If you call a judge to dispute a result in a match, for example you won, but shows up as a tie, please send screen shots to the staff via discord.

  • It's strongly recommended to have screenshot of any win or tie upon the conclusion of a game. If you leave a game without explicitly stating, "time is over, this is a tie," or something similar, it could be perceived as a concession.

  • If both players aren't in contact with staff when time is called during Top Cut, there could be a penalty, such as a double game loss for both players. This is to keep the event timely and on track.

  • Although it's suggested it's not required to join the discord. The discord link is provided at the page for convenience.

  • Check in is mandatory! Check in will open two hours before the tournament starts. If you fail to check in you will automatically be dropped out of the tournament.

  • All rulings made by Moujii's Dojo are final. No debates with any of the judge calls.

  • Please follow these people on twitch to receive prizing!

  • Moujii

  • Most importantly, have fun! Also, don't brick. uwu
  • Prizing!

  • Under 100 Trainers in attendance: 300x PTCGL codes divvied amongst all Trainers whom don't drop.

  • Over 100 Trainers in attendance: 500x PTCGL codes divvied amongst all trainers whom don't drop.

  • Over 200 Trainers in attendance: 1000x PTCGL codes divvied amongst all trainers whom don't drop and in addition a bonus 100x PTCGL code giveaway to one lucky winner in the Live stream.

  • All prizing will be handed out by my mod, Stunja via Discord after the conclusion of the tournament. Check the #announcements in the discord channel for updates regarding prizing and dojos.

    Streamers Corner:

    If you're able to stream your gameplay, that would be great! If possible we'll be streaming featured games and top cut! :D All matches can be watched over @ Moujii's Dojo

    If you have any questions, please make sure you join the Discord.

    If you would like to contribute or have any questions in regards to sponsoring. Email: daakumoujii@gmail.com

    Tournament Structure

    Season 2 #9
    8 Swiss Rounds - BO1
    30 minutes per round
    5 minute round check-in
    8 players advance to the next phase
    Season 2 #9 Top 8
    3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
    untimed rounds
    no round check-in
    Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1