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Organized by EsportsMatchVGC
Custom format
Nintendo Switch

Welcome to Esports Match VGC Tournaments is proud to present our Pokémon VGC Grassroots Tournament Circuit, a dynamic and exciting competitive program designed to spotlight and reward the exceptional skills of Pokémon trainers across the globe.

At the end of the season, players who have accumulated enough circuit points will be invited to our exclusive Annual VGC Cash-Prize Invitational. This prestigious event will feature a hefty prize pool, currently projected around $20,000* , but subject to change based on the popularity and growth of the program.

Tournament Registration

Subscribers on our website receive access to these exclusive tournaments, along with coaching from VGC pros such as Wolfe Glick, Alex Gomez, and Justin Tang.
Once subscribed, please fill out this form:
Once the form is submitted, you will still need to register for the event, and submit a teamsheet
To ensure you can participate, you will need to register for the event under the email you subscribed with.
Subscriptions are $15 per month. Register to Esports Match here:

Tournament Prizes

Top players will earn Series Points towards our $20,000* cash prize invitational. Series Point structure and payout can be found here:

Tournament Communications

All announcements and additional information will be in the Subscriber Discord. You can access this Discord through your subscription on our website. If you do not join the Discord, you may incur game losses or more due to the inability to be contacted.
You will contact your opponent and set up matches through the Limitless tournament chat, which you will be able to find by going to your Dashboard for each round.

Tournament Format

  • Played on Pokémon Scarlet/Violet on the Switch
  • Regulation E
  • Open Teamsheet (Pokémon and any forms, abilities, items, move set, and tera type)
  • 'Official Rules 1' Ruleset in game
  • Best of 3 matches for both Swiss and Top Cut
  • Check in begins at 6:00PM Eastern December 8th
  • Play begins approximately 7:05PM Eastern December 8th
  • Day 2 play begins at 7:00PM Eastern December 9th**, see below for Day 2 qualifications
  • If the event has 6 or less Swiss rounds, then Day 2 will begin immediately after Swiss rounds
  • Be Respectful to both players and staff. Disrespect in any form is not tolerated
  • Please REQUEST A JUDGE for any issues
  • Please read all rules and procedures before playing

Day 2 Qualifications

Players who have 2 or less losses (record equivalent of X-2 or better) will qualify to play on the following day OR a specified number of people will advance based upon the number of rounds**. If less than 227 players check in for Round 1, Day 2 will be played as a Single Elimination Bracket, seeded with placements from Day 1. If 227+ players check in for Round 1, then Day 2 will consist of additional Swiss Rounds into a Single Elimination Top Cut Bracket.
**If the event has 6 or less Swiss rounds, Day 2 will begin immediately after Swiss rounds
If there are 47 or less people, Day 2 will be Top 8. If there are equal to or greater than 48 people and 6 rounds, Day 2 will be Top 16.

Rules and Procedures


If a disconnection occurs, please Request A Judge. A judge will then instruct you on how to proceed. If you are the cause of a disconnection, it may result in a game loss.

Team Sheet Errors

As we are playing with an Open Team Sheet format, it is vital that teams match what was submitted. If a team sheet error is found, take a screencap of the error, Request A Judge, and continue to play out the game. Team sheet errors may result in a game loss.

Connecting to your opponent

To help prevent disconnections and online bans, connect to your opponent through the Union Circle. One player hosts the union circle, while the other joins. Then, both players search for a double battle. Please use 'Official Rules 1'. It is the responsibility of the player choosing the rules to select the correct ruleset.

No Shows

Players have 10 minutes to show up and check into their match. If players do not check into their match within the 10 minutes, they may lose the match. If you have forgotten to check in to the match but are in game/setting up the match, Request A Judge, and we can reset the match for you. Players who no show to matches may also be dropped. If you wish to not be dropped from the event please let an Admin know

Rental Teams

Rental teams are allowed, but please keep in mind that if there are any team errors it may result in loss of a Pokémon, as you would be unable to adjust the Pokémon in game.

*$20,000 is subject to increase or decrease depending on the popularity of the program

Tournament Structure

ESM Challenge #1 Swiss
4 Swiss Rounds - BO3
55 minutes per round
10 minute round check-in
4 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0