Haven - EX04 Box Tournament FIX
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Organized by Michael Iafrate
Standard format

Saturday July 1, 2023 at 8PM EST.


Play for a chance to win an EX04 Booster Box, or $100 CAD.

Entry is $10 CAD. Entry fee must be sent to iafrate.michael@gmail.com. Paypal (Friend and Family), or e-transfer are acceptable.

8 Players is required to start.

Bonus prizing will be announced if 16 or more players sign up.

If you live in the GTA (Toronto, ON, or nearby) shipping is free for the box. Shipping outside of that range will be paid by the winner. If you choose, you may select the $100 CAD as an alternative.


Best of 1, Round Robin. 20min per round, with no overtime and unfinished games are a tie. Next round starts immediately after all games for the current round are reported.

Standard EX04 Digimon format. No proxies allowed.

Web-cam setups must show a clear view of all cards in use, as well as the back of your hand at all times.

Spectating in between rounds is allowed as long as you stay muted. If you see game rules not being followed, stay muted and direct message Michael Iafrate.

Selective Mulligans

1. Draw 5 cards from your deck.

2. Look at your hand. You can choose to re-draw any number of your cards just once.

3. If you choose to re-draw your cards, return those specific cards to your deck, shuffle it, then re-draw that many cards and set security. If you do not choose to re-draw your cards, proceed to set security.

Deck List

There is no need for deck list submissions. Please be honest and stick to the deck you play in round 1 for the entire tournament. If you have questions about deck building, or legalities, please feel free to reach out to me.

How To Play

Join HAVEN Discord https://discord.gg/dKdWj6ed7p

Meet in the Waiting Room of the DCG Tournament Tables at 8PM EST.

I recommend to only pay the day of the tournament. If fewer than 8 people sign up, I may choose to refund all payors.


Michael Iafrate#8435 for question on Discord

iafrate.michael@gmail.com for e-transfer, or Paypal

Tournament hosted and played at https://discord.gg/dKdWj6ed7p

Tournament Structure

Round Robin (all-play-all) - BO1
21 minutes per round
no round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0