THE TECH CARD Pokemon #2
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Organized by The Tech Card
Standard format
Pokémon TCG Live


Free Entry and Prizing | Standard Format | Scarlet Violet Codes

Hosted by: RamboFW & The Tech Card


  • 25 Min rounds during swiss. Incomplete matches end in a Draw
  • 3 Min Check In! If you Miss check in, it's a Game Loss
  • Timers must be On. No timers may result in Game Loss for one or both players
  • Players Must start playing Immediately after check in
  • In a BO1 - If you check in and don't start play Before the round check in time Expires , you will receive a Game Loss
  • In a BO3 - You will receive a Game Loss, 2 mins After check in time has expired, and a match loss after 4 mins
  • When time is called during Swiss Rounds, the game will be a tie, unless otherwise stated by staff
  • If you call a judge to Dispute a result, for example you won, but it shows up as a tie, please send a screenshot to the #judge-screenshot channel in the The Tech Card discord
  • All rulings made by staff are Final and will be made with the players, staff, and event in mind
  • Staff may play in tournament, but will Not be receiving any prizing. Nor make any calls on their own match
  • Games Streamed on Kick! Please join the #Stream Games voice chat in The Tech Card discord and Share Screen

TTCPrizing Prizing will be distributed via Limitless Rewards, unless otherwise stated on Discord, so be sure to Join

  • 1st Place - 20
  • 2nd Place - 10
  • 3rd-4th - 5

Tournament Structure

6 Swiss Rounds - BO1
25 minutes per round
3 minute round check-in
4 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
60 minutes per round
4 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1