SD One Piece TCG - Monday Night Webcam Battles #3
Organized by San Diego One Piece TCG
One Piece Card Game
Webcam & Discord

San Diego One Piece TCG - Monday Night Webcam Battles! [OP-02 Series]

Welcome to the San Diego One Piece TCG webcam battles! We are looking to grow our community and give another option for our weekly locals.


  • OP-01 / OP-02
  • ST-01 - ST-06
  • No OP-03
  • Swiss Pairings
  • Best of 1 Rounds
  • 35 minutes + 5 minutes or 3 Turns
4-8 players: 3 Rounds
9-16 players: 4 Rounds
16-32 players: 5 Rounds
32-64 players: 6 Rounds


Decklists are required! Please paste from the SIM by using the "Copy Deck list to Clipboard" button, then pasting.


Players must use a webcam to play their games via Discord. Please make sure to have all cards visible and in frame.

Tournament Structure

Phase 1
3 Swiss Rounds - BO1
35 minutes per round
3 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0