DMV Drakes One Piece Box Tournament
Organized by DMV Drakes
One Piece Card Game
Webcam & Discord

DMV Drakes will be hosting a One Piece TCG Win a box tournament!

Winner will receive a SEALED BOX of OP2 (Prizing subject to scale based on attendance) A raffle will be held at the end of the tournament for a free entry to our next tournament.

$10 Entry Fee to Arcane Kaze in Discord Paying through PayPal using F&F or Cash App. IF YOU DO NOT PAY TOR ENTRY YOU WILL BE DROPPED.

Tournament Rules & Information: Rounds are Best of 1 Swiss. 35 Mins with 5 Mins overtime Event begins at 7pm EST. Submit Deck list by 6:50pm (to a member with the tag [DMVD] through discord or through limitless TCG) and check in through the limitless app. If you are 10 minutes late to a round: Round Loss. If you need to drop from the tournament or request a refund let one of the admins know ASAP.

Tournament Structure

4 Swiss Rounds - BO1
35 minutes per round
no round check-in
Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0