LToT's Tamers Tourny
Organized by Zee's LToTz
Custom format

Happy March Madness everyone!

This month LToTz will host another Digimon TCG tournament, but with a twist. If you follow Bandai you know they suggested some fun ways to shake up the TCG scene. So that's what I decided to do. One of their many suggestion was called Boss Battle. (Each player starts with 10 memory) Now I of course added onto and mortified the rules. We want to have fun here.


-Both players start their at 10 memory. You have to finish your turn at 0. You can't play a card that goes over into your opponent's gauge. You cannot gain memory your first turn. When your turn is finished, say end turn and your opponent will get their 10

-No Muls

-Rush effects don't activate

-No Lv 7 Digimon

-Digimon can't come to the field via security/trash effects

-Play/Digivolution cost can't be reduced except by tamer effects

-Effects may only be used once per turn

  • Here we go

The Prizes are

1st: Beezlemon Advanced Deck Set 2nd: Deck Sleeves+Oversleeves 3rd: Free entry to the next tournament

The tournament date is MARCH 29TH, 7PM Entry fee is $5

Torunament will be held here: