Duranz TV Meta Weekly--1/26
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Organized by DuranzTV
VGC 2023 Series 2


•Series 2 ruleset
•Free entry
•+$50 prize pool
•Bo1 Swiss; Bo3 Top Cut 16
•Open Team Sheet Format

VGC Meta Weekly Rules until further notice:


  1. Respect and Honesty: Treat each other with respect and play honestly. Stream sniping, cursing, slander, and vulgarity are all prohibited and will result in disqualification from current and all tournaments going forward.

  2. Open Team Sheet: If you start a match and the information is not accurate, it will result in a game loss. If both parties have inaccurate information, both parties will get a loss resulting in Bo1.

  3. Check In: You have 10 minutes to check in on Limitless, no exceptions. If you do not check in, you will receive an auto loss.

  4. Disconnection: If a disconnect occurs at any point during the match, the players must take a picture of the connection error. If we feel that you are purposefully disconnecting, the staff will have a right to remove you from current and all tournaments going forward.

  5. Discord:You must join DuranzTV VGC ISLAND Discord. This will assist in tournament updates and communication if needed. You may be penalized if we are unable to reach you.

  6. Disputes: Please attempt to handle disputes on your own if able to. Staff will be monitoring and handling various scenarios. However, if an issue arrises, please click "call a judge" on Limitless.


Please join DuranzTV VGC ISLAND. This gives you access to tournament updates, communication with team members, and membership subscriptions. Failure to join discord may result in a penalty.

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