Webcam Wars - Open #1
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Organized by st00ben
D+ Regulation format


Welcome to the first ever Webcam War Open!

This is an open event following our Webcam War Invitational, joint hosted by NinecardTCG & st00ben! In this event, players will be matched up here on limitless, but games will be played out in discord via webcam with Physical TCG Cards! No proxies will be allowed in this event. Please ensure that you have an adequate top down or angled set up in a well lit area before registering. Your voice and video may be used in live streams or other curated content between the hosts or participants in the event! Registration is your consent to this!


When: January 26th @ 7PM Eastern

Format: Standard (SWSH-Crown Zenith)

Details: 5 Swiss Rounds, NO Top Cut - 35 Minute Rounds (5 Minute Check in & time for setting up is added in this for player consideration)

Decklists: Decklists are Required. Decklist information is considered CLOSED and not open to the public and used for judge calls/etc. Use the deck creator on limitless/ptcgo/live to export into the submission field. Top players may be contacted after the event for a photo of the physical cards in your list. NO PROXIES ALLOWED


1st Place - $25 Visa Gift Card

2nd Place - 20 Crown Zenith Codes

3rd/4th - 10 Crown Zenith Codes

5th-8th - 5 Crown Zenith Codes

Note: NinecardTCG & st00ben are participating in this event, but are not eligible for Prizing. It will pass down to the next player(s) if applicable.

There are additional Rules and Details in the Webcam Wars Discord. Please double check the Discord beforehand!





Tournament Structure

5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
35 minutes per round
5 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1