Avaddov's Battle Arcade VGC Circuit #1
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Organized by Avaddov
VGC 2023 Series 2

Avaddov's Battle Arcade #1

Banner icon1 Welcome one and all to Avaddov's VGC Circuit!

  • Open Teamsheet (teamsheet errors will result in a game loss, all teras must be listed)
  • Official Series 2 Ruleset
  • Bring 6 Pokémon and Choose 4!
  • Best of 3 Swiss followed by 8 player X-2 Top Cut
  • All games will be played on Nintendo Switch - No Showdown!

Winners of these tournaments will gain invitations to a big invitational tournament with some cool prizes, such as a cash prize and limited edition Pokemon Scarlet & Violet promotional merchandise!

icon1 Rules

Rules - Read all the rules before registering

Play Honestly

  • Intentionally dishonest players will be disqualified from the tournament and will be banned from all future events
  • Stream Sniping qualifies as intentional dishonesty

Players must join the Discord server to play and receive tournament updates

  • Failing to join and verify in the discord will result in disqualification

Every player must submit a team sheet prior to the start of the tournament

  • Pokemon (form), Ability, Held Item, Moves, and Tera types for all 6 Pokemon is REQUIRED
  • Discrepancies are subject to potential penalties.

Be respectful

  • Zero Tolerance for rudeness, hatred, racism, etc. of any kind
  • Players caught violating this rule will be instantly disqualified and banned from all future tours

Arrive on Time for your match!

  • Players will have 10 minutes to check in for their match
  • After 10 minutes, Limitless will automatically give un-checked-in players a loss for the round
  • If you know you will be late to a match, please let the Tournament Organizer know so they can adjust accordingly

For any issues click CALL A JUDGE in your match and Dov will get to you as soon as he can. Issues include (not limited to):

  • Opponent not showing up
  • Disconnections or Team Sheet Discrepancies
  • Rude opponent

Rental Teams are allowed

  • Please make sure you submit your team sheet correctly since it will be near impossible for you to make corrections


Players must be in the ARMAGEDDOV Discord and at all times. This is not optional. Failing to join and be verify in the discord before the start of the tournament will result in being dropped.


  • The safeword is Gholdengo
  • (Please verify yourselves in the Welcome Channel)

    Game Rules

    Played on the Nintendo Switch

    Series 2 Rules: (Paldea Regional Dex. No Legendary Pokemon. Paradox Pokemon Permitted.)

    Pokémon Limits: Team of 4 to 6 Pokémon from Level 1 to Level 100. All Pokémon then set to Level 50

    Battle Time: 20 Minutes

    Your Time: 7 Minutes

    Team Preview: 90 Seconds

    Turn Time: 45 Seconds

    Make Sure you join the ARMAGEDDOV discord server with the link provided above

    This will allow for easier communication in the event of potential issues

    Disconnect Rules: If a disconnect occurs both players must take a screen shot of the disconnect error otherwise it will result in a game loss.

    Rounds Start 5 minutes after round start, failure to check in will result in a loss.

    You must be checked in to Play or you may be dropped.

    icon1 Prizes

    1st places gets an invite to the Avaddov Battle Dome (final name pending) Invitational.

    The invitational will have both cash prizes and other cool rewards such as super rare Naranja & Uva Academy Pins

    Tournament Structure subject to change due to the amount of participants, See below: image

    Donations: https://mercury.streamelements.com/tip/avaddov

    Tournament Structure

    Swiss rounds (amount of rounds depends on turnout) - BO3. 1 Hour Rounds. 5 Minute round check-in.


    Top Cut. Single Elimination Bracket. BO3.

    (NOTE: In the event of unexpected large turnout and/or lack of time on Thursday, Top Cut will be moved to Saturday 6PM GMT+2)

    Tournament Structure

    7 Swiss Rounds - BO3
    60 minutes per round
    5 minute round check-in
    players with 4 or more points advance to the next phase
    Top Cut
    4 Single Elimination Rounds - BO3
    untimed rounds
    no round check-in
    Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0