Contest of Legends 17: Valley of Death💀
Organized by Contest of Legends
Expanded format


Greetings challenger. I am Koroua, and this is my gladitorial arena on the wonderful planet of Geron. Here, you will take part in a series of battles against other legendary champions, seeking the greatest of prizes. Do you have what it takes to become a legend? Come now, test your might!

Must finish in the top 16 of each tournament in the Spring Series to qualify for the championship in May.

Note: Scarlet & Violet base set cards will be legal when it is released and Limitless updates their website to allow players to include them in their decklist submissions. In addition, prizing will be SIT until the release date of Crown Zenith. Note that the prizes listed for tournaments after January 20th will be SIT, however page will be updated to CZE once I am able to get my hands on the prizes for that.

Given how successful the last tournament was, there will be no match timers that you need to check into on Limitless. Once you are assigned your opponent, a judge will DM you a VC channel to join. You and your opponent will check in with the judge who will keep track of the game clock. Due to this, rounds be will 60 minutes long to accomodate for this. This is to more efficiently mitigate the consequences of unforseen circumstances / technical errors.

The San Juan Mountains are beautiful!


  • 1st Place: 100x SIT
  • 2nd Place: 75x SIT
  • 3rd Place: 20 SIT
  • 4th-8th Place: 2 SIT

Arena Rules

  • Decklist submission:
    • Decks are set to "Open List", meaning you can view your opponent's list.
    • Decklists must be submitted in advance.
    • Under no circumstance will you be allowed to make any changes to your decklist once the tournament begins, nor use any deck that is different from the list you submitted. The consequences of doing such will be disqualification.
    • If a decklist does not comply with the stated rules, you will be disqualified from the tournament.
    • If you accidentally pick the wrong deck, declare before the first and second moves are made.
  • Issue with connection and/or bugs:
    • Anything that happens on PTCGO will be legal.
    • Save evidence for each other in instances of these.
    • Game loss if reconnection is available is not available.
  • Issues with opponents:
    • If you are having issues with your opponent (I.E taunting, purposely taking their time, hacking, cheating, etc.), contact a judge immediately in the #request-judge channel on the Discord server.
    • Please contact a judge as soon as possible. If you take too long, the request will be rejected.
    • Provide as much evidence as you can; the more you provide, the better the judges can solve the situation quicker.
    • Continue the match as you communicate with the judges.
  • Other important items:
    • You and your opponent may declare Intentional draw within 3 minutes after the check-in timer is up.
    • When time is called in Swiss Round, the game will be declared a tie.
    • When time is called during Top Cut (only applicable if Top Cut is included in event):
      • If time is up during your turn, that will be the last turn of the game. No additional turns may be given unless given approval by a judge.
      • The winner will be determined by the number of remaining Prize Cards.
      • If both players have the same number of prizes, the game will continue until there is a difference in prizes.
      • It is highly recommended that you save screenshots / recordings during this period should anything come up, as stated previously.
      • If you leave a game without explicitly stating "time is over", your opponent may declare victory over you.
  • Tournament Structure

    Swiss Round
    9 Swiss Rounds - BO1
    60 minutes per round
    no round check-in
    Wins are worth 1 match point, ties 0