PCG Conference #44 Standard
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Organized by PCG Laboratory
Standard format

PCG Conference

This Tournament is organized by peke from Japan.

Japanese and English translations use DeepL.
For urgent reports and communications, priority will be given to Japanese.

Free Entry. Anyone can participate.

Now, Astral Radiance is legal.

Please check all details before Tournament Starting.
It may have changed since before Resist.

  • Tournament Structure
  • Rules
  • Prizes


Not yet. Basically, Nothing.

1st:Professor Juniper DeckBox & Card Sleeves & coin
2nd:ETB Darkrai DeckBox & Card Sleeves

Donations of packs and cards are appreciated.
Please contact PCG Laboratory or peke_pcg#8598.

<RULES en>

  • Deck Sharing ON.

  • Match Timers ON.
    If you are providing evidence on Discord, time is of critical importance.

  • If a player chooses the wrong deck
    Declare before the first and second moves are determined.
    Offers made after preparations for the match have begun are invalid.The result is a game loss.

  • Illegal Decklist
    If a player is discovered to have submitted a deck that does not comply with the rules, they will be dropped from the event without exception.
    It is the player’s responsibility to submit a legal decklist in advance; no changes of any kind are allowed once the event has started.

  • Poor game connection and bugs
    Anything that happens on PTCGO shall be legal.
    Save the evidence for each other, just in case.
    Game loss if reconnection is not available.

  • Errors related to preparation, such as friend requests not being approved
    Try clearing the cache or restarting the system.
    We will also ask you to submit a screenshot to prove that the application is not false.

  • If you think or feel your opponent is slow play
    Take action immediately. First ask your opponent to improve, and if opponent still does not improve, make a judge call.
    If there is not a sufficient difference in time between the two sides, the result will be decided by the timeout situation.
    Then, we will ask you to provide evidence on Discord #request-judge.
    Please provide it immediately. If it takes longer, we will reject it.
    Best evidence is more than one screenshot or video.
    Extensions of time may be approved. Please continue the match while communicating with the judge.

<During Swiss>

  • When time is called during Swiss Rounds BO1
    the game will be a Tie.

<During Top Cut>

  • When time is called during Top Cut BO1
    If timeout during your turn, that is the last turn of the game. There are no additional turns.
    The winner will be decided by the amount of remaining Prize Cards.
    If the Prizes are equal, the game shall continue until a Prizes difference is reached.
    It is strongly recommended that you save a screenshot so that you can see the results.
    If you leave a game without explicitly stating "time is over", it could be perceived as a concession.

<RULES ja>

  • デッキ公開制です。

  • タイマー設定ONにしてください。

  • デッキ選択を間違ってしまった場合

  • 提出したデッキリストと異なる事象が発覚した場合

  • バグ、接続不良について

  • フレンド申請が承認されない等の準備に関わるエラーについて

  • 相手が遅延していると感じた場合
    slowplay signと事前にジャッジコールしてもらって構いません。
    ジャッジコールをした場合、Discord #request-judgeに証拠の提出をしてください。


  • 対戦中に試合時間が終了した場合(Bo1)


  • 対戦中に試合時間が終了した場合(Bo1)

<INFO en>

Organizer(peke) will be with you for this tournament. Let's enjoy it together.
Issues and problems during your match will be handled by Staff(peke).
Sorry if I am sometimes late with questions, etc.

In each round, if all tables have been completed, the game will move to the next match.
If Round is updated, we will notify you via Discord.

Check-in is the player's primary responsibility.
Failure to Check-in will result in an automatic game loss.

<INFO ja>

プレイに夢中で 質疑応答等が遅れることもありますが、予めご了承下さい。





The number of rounds is decided by the number of players.

  • 0-7 = Postponement
  • 8-20 = 3 or 4 Swiss and No Top Cut
  • 21-32 = 4 or 5 Swiss and Top 8 Cut(BO1)
  • 33-64 players = 6 Swiss and Top 8 Cut(BO1)
  • 65-128 players = 7 Swiss and Top 8 Cut(BO1)

If there is Top Cut, Tie's match point will be 1.
If 8-20 players and 3-0 is alone, the Tournament will end.
If 21-32 players and 4-0 is alone, the Tournament will move to Top Cut.


<During Swiss>
BO1 25 minutes per round, 3 minute round check-in.

<During Top Cut>
BO1 25 minutes per round, 3 minute round check-in.


Discord:PCG Laboratory

Tournament Structure

5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
25 minutes per round
3 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Top Cut
3 Single Elimination Rounds - BO1
25 minutes per round
3 minute round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1