Rule Zero's Gym Leader Challenge #3
Organized by Rule Zero
Gym Leader Challenge format

Gym Leader Challenge tournament in-person at Rule Zero in London

£6 entry
5 rounds BO1
40 mins timer

1st - 12 packs
2nd - 8 packs
3-4 - 4 packs
5-8 - 2 packs

Raffle drawn at the end of round 5 (raffle prize TBA)

Remember the Rules of the GLC Format!

Only one type of Pokemon Type in your deck.

No rule Boxes; i.e. no Radiant, V, GX, EX, TAG TEAM, Prism Star, BREAK Pokemon, ACE SPECs.

The format is Black & White onwards, meaning all Card in the Black & White Block, XY Block, Sun & Moon Block, and finally the Sword and Shield Block up to the Pokemon GO set.

A maximum of 1 copy of each card with an individual name e.g Pokemon, Special Energy, and Trainers, but you can use as many basic energy as you'd like.

The following cards are banned in GLC Format:

  • Lysandre's Trump Card
  • Resource Management Oranguru
  • Forest of Giant Plants
  • Chip Chip Ice Axe (UNB 165/214)
  • Hiker (CES 133/168 & SV85/SV94)

You are allowed unlimited amount of proxies for the 60 card deck to make it easier for everyone, but please make sure they're printed out and easily readable.

For more information on the format, check out Andrew Mahone's Guide

Rule Zero
3 Succession Walk
Fish Island
E3 2RX

For the entry code, message the Rule Zero Facebook Page

Tournament Structure

5 Swiss Rounds - BO1
untimed rounds
no round check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1