Poké-Thursday #9 Winner: 1 Arceus V AA + 10 BRS
Organized by MarioYañezTCG
Standard format

Welcome to Poké Thursday!

Stardard Weekly Tournament

Free Entry

  • Tournament Format: SWSH - BRS
  • You must have the match timers on


  • 1° Place: 1 Arceus V AA (166/172) + 10 BRS
  • 2° Place: Galarian Moltres V Secret + 10 BRS
  • Top 4: 10 BRS
  • Top 8: 5 BRS

To request the prizes obtained, add me to my PTCGO account: WilhelmMalkav


Sponsored by: Moonshadow TCG:

In collaboration with:

Trial Of Faiths

Mr. Hob



  • Meet the event registration requirements
  • Preferably have a stable internet connection.
  • Treat everyone present with respect and politeness. (Refrain from using inappropriate language)
  • The player must correctly register in limitless his user ID with which he must be added in PTCGO. If not, you must report your correct ID in the game chat


  • The organization can request any of the participants to share their game on Discord to broadcast from the organization channel

Deck List:

  • Register your Decklist correctly, without changing cards during the rounds.
  • If a participant deliberately plays with a deck list other than the one registered (with unregistered cards), he will get DQ to the tournament

Check in:

  • All players must check in before starting their game, otherwise it will be considered a game loss in that round
  • If an opponent "Checks In" their round and spends more than 5 minutes without answering their opponent's FR, they will receive "Game Loss" automatically.
  • If a player starts his game without checking in, he will receive a Game Loss in that round
  • Players with 2 or more rounds without activity (No Check In) will be dropped from the tournament

During the Match:

  • If you get disconnected, you will get a game loss unless still within the check in timer.
  • In case you need the help of a judge, it is recommended to have a screenshot as evidence of the request or claim
  • It is the responsibility of both players to report the result of their game.
  • If the time of the game is over (25 mins) and neither of the players has declared their result (Win or Lose) The game will automatically result in a tie.
  • Once a new round is declared, the results of the previous round cannot be changed.

Slow Play:

  • If a player wishes to report that his opponent is deliberately slow-playing, he must report it during the match.
  • They will be asked to have evidence of the claim (SS or video) that should be shared in discord
  • It is possible to request that the game be shared on Stream to substantiate the player's claim.
  • If a player claims at the end of the game that his opponent has slowplayed but has no evidence of the claim then it will not be valid.
  • If a game ends in a tie and one of the players wishes to complain about slowplay, they must have evidence of the complaint, otherwise the game will be a tie

Tournament Structure

Phase 1
6 Swiss Rounds - BO1
25 minutes per round
3 minute round check-in
8 players advance to the next phase
Top 8
Single Elimination Bracket - BO3
untimed matches
no match check-in
Wins are worth 3 match points, ties 1